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3 things you don\'t know about taking care ofyour leather shoes

by:Glory Footwear     2020-03-03
Yes, you just bought a pair of shiny brand new leather shoes and you are very happy about it, you put it by the bed last night as if it were your newborn baby.
When you wear it five or six times, you forget it and you don\'t care about it anymore.
Let\'s be sincere to ourselves here.
Is this a good thing?
Why can\'t we take care of our leather shoes like we do with cars and other things we cherish, even if the shoes are not expensive?
Taking care of our leather shoes is not just to make the shoes look good, although it is already a good enough reason to protect it and give it a longer life.
After all, if we put it in good shape, it will be good for us and it will save us more money --
Thank God we are overcoming the recession.
But why should we pay attention to our shoes?
Because they often crack and wear if the leather is not in good condition.
You will agree that we will not be able to wear them any more when they are worn out and look worn out.
In fact, many people think that things will get better as long as they continue to wipe their shoes with wax.
But they were wrong.
Now, take care of your shoes in a variety of ways.
It will come in handy for those rich shoe repair shops.
These shoe repair shops will charge for air conditioning and other use of air conditioning.
Instead, if you want to take care of them yourself, then you need to follow some steps and I will list them below if you have these items: gloves, newspaper, rag, smooth leather cleaner, leather conditioner and shoe oil.
Now follow the following steps: 1.
Clean the leather shoes with the smooth leather cleaner you bought and remove the dirt from it.
Know that some leather cleaners may be in creams, liquids, and sprays, but just use them on your shoes.
You can remove dirt using a brush. 2.
Wait a few minutes after cleaning so the shoes can dry
You can wipe it with a soft cloth.
After that, apply a leather conditioner.
This will make the shoes soft and moisturize the leather at the same time.
Keep in mind that the specific leather conditioner is made for different types of shoes, so please use the right shoes. 3.
The last part is shoe oil.
The shoes look new and shiny.
But the note here is that Poland contains some chemicals that can be removed through the skin, so I \'d rather you use gloves while you\'re rubbing your shoes.
This should be the case.
You can enjoy your leather shoes now.
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