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9 best running shoes for ultramarathons

by:Glory Footwear     2020-05-05
If you sign up for the Super Marathon, choosing the right coach is the key.
This applies not only to shorter single
Stage 50 km activities, but more so this week
Long ultras-there will be no prisoners in the compound effect for several consecutive days.
In front of ultra, be ruthless in the process of finding the right coach.
There is no doubt that in a few months you will run a lot of miles in training, so there should be enough time to determine your options.
You will know the brand and style that the coach works for you, but if the rigor of Super training brings you any pain, don\'t be ashamed to try something new, hot spots or blisters.
Regular road running coaches tend to be lighter in weight, less in shape and less in tread or grip, which is not ideal for ultra.
Therefore, trail running shoes are designed for harsh off-road environments
Roads and long distances will provide more protection and buffering. Only an elite-
Level runners can use more regular road running style shoes for the super marathon.
We must also consider the nature of super.
The terrain may include soft sand, compacted gravel, or rocky ground.
You also need to consider whether it is possible to be more humid or dry under your feet, either single or multiple
If you are playing, or just want to make sure you cross the finish line without emphasizing the time or position.
Below, we have sorted out the best Super Marathon shoes of various styles.
Choose from simpler, lighter options for short sheets
The stage is super, directly to those who are more buffered and protected for a week --
Crossing the desert and mountains of events 250 km long and longer.
The light trail running shoes will start around 250 grams and the heavier ones will start around 350 grams.
The riding height should be considered-the thickness of the heel and toe outsole-the higher the height, the more buff you will have.
But find the right balance, like if you\'re too high, your center of gravity will be higher, there will be more opportunities to roll your ankle, or lose contact and feel with the ground.
On average, people around the age of 20 may be at the end of their toes, and people around the age of 20 may be at the heel.
Rock trays are a great observation function if you are on a mountain or rock-they will ensure that sharper stones or thorns do not cross the sole.
From a health point of view, maybe a little more space than usual-you will stay in these sneakers for a long time, maybe in a hot environment, the feet will swell, but this is very personal, so be sure to check the training time.
All of the selected sneakers are for neutral runners in front of the neutral spin, and considering that most of the spin is done off-site
They are running shoes.
Each of the trainers also has the same female trainers.
We tested them on many different surfaces: loose gravel, soft ground, compacted hard terrain and rocky trails to bring you the best --
Weight: 319 gHeel riding Height: 18mm front foot riding Height: 10mm drop: 8mm
The weight sports shoes are very comfortable, flexible and supportive.
Since their riding height is relatively low, you will also feel better connected to the ground compared to many other options.
Please note that the drop of 8mm is slightly larger-suitable for more heels --
Eye-catching style-although this does make them a great cross-choice for road running shoes (
These tend to have a big gap).
The padding at the midsole provides good comfort, combining it with a strong protective outsole and goodsized lugs (6mm)
In order to grip when needed, the feet are fully prepared to cope with the various terrain.
They have a traditional tongue arrangement, which is attached to the main upper and helps to prevent debris.
The grid is not the easiest, and there are many mature patches that are applied.
These add durability, which is great, but there is a reduction in breathability.
However, if you are running on a dusty beach, it may be beneficial.
They have a reinforced toe and heel for rock and mountain ground.
New colors were introduced in February, so it was a good deal.
Buy now weight: 298 gHeel riding height: 24mm front foot riding height: 20mm drop: 4 mmsaucony\'s strongest trail running shoes, a highly protective shoe
Outsole with elasticity and grip
Lugs designed-V-
Shape, works well in both rising and falling rock boards, with good protection on the heel and toe.
They are really comfortable and don\'t feel too aggressive.
Still, they don\'t fit in bulky or overweight packages, down 4mm, encouraging you to have light feet and a front foot impact.
While not waterproof, they are one of the more durable products used in bad weather conditions.
With these features, plus a breathable upper, these are for a long time, multiple timesday runs.
It is worth noting that they are not the most spacious in the toe box area, but in general they are very suitable and the size is very real.
Buy nowWeight: 269 gHeel riding height: 23mm front foot riding height: 20mm drop: 3mm these are light weight, very comfortable and great-fitting shoes.
The Hoka brand is synonymous with an oversized outsole and a huge buff-however, this can be clunky and will create a disconnect from the ground and may increase the vulnerability of rolling ankles on uneven terrain.
However, this model provides a relatively normal ride height similar to running shoes on other trails.
They\'re really good.
Heavy trainers, down 3mm, encouraged a strike on the front foot.
We like neat, slightly elastic laces and reflective patches.
Due to their lighter weight, the protection of the toes is more on the smallest side, and the heel cup feels a little lower at the back of the ankle than usual, so keep this in mind, if the position of your foot is not very accurate, it is easy to hit the stone.
All in all, though, these are very solid and flexible --
Feel coach.
Buy weight now: 285 gHeel riding Height: 16mm front foot riding Height: 8mm drop: 4mm these shoes are designed to eat miles on hard, dry and rocky trails.
While there is still plenty of space in the toe area, the feet feel supported around. These lighter-
The height of the front foot of the weight shoe is particularly low at 8mm and the heel is 16mm (
Most of the time, there\'s more under the toes than that)
So they give people a real feeling.
But the construction of the sole is very careful to make sure you are fully protected, not feeling nothing-these are all super
Durable rubber with awesome grip, Rock plates that can block rogue sharp rocks and new midsole with higher shock absorption performance-they maintain a good sense of cushioning.
In addition, you have added protection at the end of the toe and heel.
The upper is a lightweight, breathable mesh, and there is nothing special about the lace or tongue setting-sometimes simplicity is the best.
Buy weight now: 340 gHeel ride height: n/aForefoot ride height: n/adops: 8mm you will crave these from the moment you open the box.
They are excellent sneakers with great attention to detail in design and materials.
These are heavier, stronger and more comfortable.
The fitted shoes also provide good protection on the toes and heel, while providing enough space in the toe box.
The outsole has generous lugs and uses a special Vibram compound that provides great traction and protection on rock terrain.
They use the fast lace-up system and place to eliminate the excess parts, though it takes longer than it takes.
The signs on the front and back are reflective and the upper will keep the rubble out while maintaining good breathability.
These are real protective sneakers that provide good comfort and provide the perfect platform for long walks on uneven, loose terrain.
Buy nowWeight: 275 gHeel ride height: 27 mmoot Ride Height: 18 mmDrop: 9 mmLess more?
From the top S/Labline of Solomon, these are some of the least
Nonsense, the smallest super
There are running shoes, which are firmly lightweight under the weight of 275g.
So you won\'t be surprised to hear that there is nothing extra on the front of the buff and material-these are all made for racing cars.
However, there is no doubt that they are built for the rigors of mountain areas and technical routes with super dirty soles, although they are not ideal when wet and muddy.
From the moment you put them on, you know where you are;
At the front of the direct soft buffer, they are minimal, but starting to work, you are still well protected by the front foot buffer, although the drop is quite large.
These internal systems used hold your feet comfortably, but due to its minimal construction, loose gravel may enter with highly breathable upper material, these do have an unnecessary long toggle tightening line that needs to be hidden somewhere.
They are ideal for singles.
Especially if the speed is the most important, up to 50 km.
Buy nowWeight: 250 gHeel body height: month.
5mm front foot riding Height: 17.
5 mmDrop: 5mm is designed as technical mountain shoes for racing cars, these shoes are only 250 grams, the lightest of the line --up.
They are very high, and the 5mm drop is also very large, making you feel very prepared.
Combine this with the radial lugs design and the lightweight midsole specifically designed by Scott, with good cushioning-especially under this weight-they offer surprising comfort and
For those who compete for a position or a position, they are a terrible choiceor two-
Super stage Mountain.
Buy weight now: 335 gHeel riding height: 25mm front foot riding Height: 16mm drop: 9mm these are your sneakers if you like ultimate comfort and shock absorption, because your feet are tightly wrapped around, you can calculate a large number of miles whether in training or in multiple trainingsday ultra.
They\'re certainly not the lightest, but they\'re fine.
The soft cushion, with a protective outsole, provides great traction, and impact
Absorb insole.
They also have extra protection on their toes and heels.
Still, three.
Seamless upper (
Prevent debris)
Very breathable, they still feel sensitive.
They are very comfortable and versatile shoes which will also work well if you walk quite a bit.
Buy weight now: 346 gHeel riding height: 27mm front foot riding Height: 17mm drop: 10mm this is the heaviest option in this series-These super-
The sturdy sneakers feature a variety of features.
They\'re the only Gore.
Tex option, so this is a great option for wet, muddy or snowy environments while still breathable (
Interestingly, one size is 11 on a micro scale.
5 is an extra 45g for each coach of Gore
Tex version and their non-Waterproof double).
They\'re armed with a heavy-duty-
Duty rock slab, with a great cushion, makes you comfortable in high mileage.
The heel height has dropped by 10mm, and the stability of the technical route can be more challenging, but it also makes them a great transitional shoe for those running from the road (
Coaches tend to fall higher).
You won\'t fly in these shoes, but in general they are very strong and well-made-they will keep you comfortable and well protected during long periods of training and will be great in many ways
Stage, Witte occa.
Buying the right sneakers right away will be a very private thing and will also depend on the specific ultra you will be running.
Taking all the factors into account, Alp IIs of Columbia University is a very capable trainer with good comprehensive ability
Round function: they are supportive and comfortable, but light in weight and responsive, ideal for high
Mileage training, and much shorter or even longerstage races.
The only downside is their 8mm drop, which some might find too high.
Another great option is the 4mm drop in soconix Xodus 2 s: excellent cushioning and protection, they are versatile and comfortable sneakers that can speed up high mileage.
If you play a single game
Scott Supertrac RCs is very reliable and the lightest option, while Hoka Speed Instinct 2 s offers an ultra-smooth and lightweight ride.
Two or three-
Stage event, Inov8 Trailroc 285 s is ideal for a week
Super Long, Dynafit cat extreme La Sportiva Akyrashoescome yourself.
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