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are shoe or heel lifts safe for sporting activities?

by:Glory Footwear     2020-04-20
Is it safe to lift shoes or follow?
This is a question I am often asked, and as with most things in life, the answer is not simply yes or no.
\"Heel lift\" quoted by Wikipedia (
Shoe lift in UK)are a wedge-
The shape shoe cover suitable for the heel part of the shoe is intended to increase the height at one or two feet for therapeutic purposes.
\"It is clear that these inserts increase the height, which is the purpose most people will buy, and the treatment purpose mentioned is usually to help the leg length difference, one leg is shorter than the other, resulting in uneven back pain or gait or stride.
For shoes or heel lifts with inconsistent leg length, this may be a good solution if used correctly and specified by experts in the field.
Whenever a shoe or heel lift is used, the user\'s shoe will be like a lady\'s high heel, and the heel is in a higher position, thus increasing the height of the wearer or the length of the leg with an uneven balance.
This provides answers to those who seek height growth and those who suffer painful consequences due to differences in leg length, however, many people easily use these elevators without consulting a doctor, so they are at risk of injury, sometimes even serious injuries.
Imagine a woman wearing high heels playing basketball, a favorite sport.
As the rational thinker is very obvious, the lady does gain an advantage when she is standing still and trying to make a shot, but once she needs to move, all the advantages are lost, her center of gravity has changed and she will be unsure of her position, risking a fall or an ankle twist.
The same principle would apply if our former ladies participated in boxing.
Height is considered a major advantage in this sport, which is correct, but trying to wear high heels will definitely lead to disaster.
Maybe a darts player or someone playing a pool, billiards or snooker may benefit from the extra height provided by a shoe or heel lift, but any sport that needs to be moved will certainly take too much risk.
Shoe or heel lift is a very successful addition to the armory of the foot doctor, helping countless people, but no doctor who values patient safety will play a vital sport in sports.
When used with common sense, a shoe or heel lift can safely increase the height, and the wearer should be aware that their center of gravity will change and that even walking under normal circumstances will require some habits.
Most shoes or heel lifting devices fill the shoe to the extent that the ankle protrudes above the heel part of the shoe, which is designed to help the wearer maintain stability while wearing the shoe.
It is recommended to wear these elevators only when wearing Glory Boots or shoes and bring an extra high ankle shield that will help with stability and prevent serious injuries.
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