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Glory teach you how to distinguish the quality of safety shoes

Glory teach you how to distinguish the quality of safety shoes


Safety shoes are one of the labor protection products that many enterprises should equip their workers with. We glory footwear as a professional manufacturer of safety shoes with 20year’s experience can tell you how to distinguish the quality :

A look: cowhide (the kind of genuine leather, in the leather products industry is people distinguish synthetic leather and a kind of custom name) has obvious irregular patterns and natural pores on the surface, cold resistant folding, good permeability and sweat performance; Move film leather is called natural synthesis leather collectively, it is in natural leather lower layer of loose flesh face fiber layer is stuck on artificial surface layer, its grain face pattern and natural dermis are similar, but do not have pore, feel hard, but waterproof performance is better.

Shoe model: namely shoe length and width, whether of shoe body wide tight degree and sufficient ministry just degree?


Upper: leather softness can be natural when walking, stick garment.

Insole: whether to use correct support vibration function, absorb sweat function, massage function, health care function structure.


Lining: whether the correct selection of breathable function, waterproof function, warm function, environmental protection functional materials.


Outsole: choose to be aimed at area, and below all sorts of environment use different degree configuration base material and skid proof requirement

Heel : heel should be installed firmly flat, with the hands should not be out of shape or loose. Middle and high heel labor protection shoes should pay more attention to safety heel quality identification, can be put on the labor protection shoes on the counter, should be smooth, heel palm should be able to all contact the table, the hand does not shake.

Safety shoes is different from ordinary shoes and there are certain requirements on wear and use. Glory hope the method we mentioned will be of some help to you.

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