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Goodyear shoes produced by Glory Footwear

Goodyear shoes produced by Glory Footwear


Glory footwear Co.,Ltd. is a safety shoes producer and exporter for more than 20 years. Goodyear welted shoes is our main product. The Goodyear welted process is a unique manufacturing process for the world's top shoes. When stitching the shoes, the inner edge strip and the outer edge strip are used to double-sewing, the shoes upper and the sole are firmly clamped become one, which can withstand any impact . An unfilled space is formed between the midsole and the outsole of the shoe, which can be isolated from the moisture, and a layer of cork is laid to ensure the maximum breathability of the leather shoes. In today's world, the most distinguished top-grade handmade Goodyear shoe customization service takes 4 to 6 months from measuring the foot to the final product, and requires more than 300 processes to complete.

The entire shoe-making process starts with customers, and the basic foot data is necessary to start the entire shoe-making process. The mold, last, etc. will be changed according to the foot data. The leather sole is used on the sole Bottom, it can flexibly adjust the width of the sole according to the foot shape data, so that the shoes are more comfortable to wear. Goodyear along the line of handmade shoes is therefore known as "hand-crafted art."

Here are our some Goodyear safety shoes for your reference:

Glory Footwear Co., Ltd. is located in the production base of labor protection products in China, Gaomi City, Shandong Province. It is a factory specializing in the production of safety shoes. The factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters.The factory mainly produces Goodyear safety shoes, outdoor safety shoes, military boots , Vulcanized shoes, etc. Our factory owns Goodyear shoe production line. There are no more than five factories that can make Goodyear safety shoe technology in Gaomi city. The process is advanced and mature. There are 50 workers in our factory, and with several industry-leading talents, coupled with strict quality control, very competitive prices, the company's products are sold in Europe, America, Australia, South America and the Middle East, customers all over the world group. Our factory adheres to the management principle of "integrity, quality, efficiency and service", and inherits and carries forward the spirit of craftsman as our responsibility. Committed to providing new, safe and comfortable labor protection shoes for new and old customers at home and abroad. Welcome  to visit our factory for guidance, and build a long-term business relationship.

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