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How to choose safety shoes

How to choose safety shoes


Safety shoes as a protective footwear, how to choose is particularly important.

Clear protection objectives

Above all, we should decide the function that safe shoe should have according to the harm that exists possibly in working environment.

1. Shoes are required to protect toes when there is a danger of impact from hard, rolling or falling objects in the environment; 2. If sharp objects in the environment puncture the sole of the shoe, the puncture prevention function is required;

3. if the need to dissipate static electricity accumulation, electrical or live parts of the electric shock hazard has not been eliminated, the need for anti-static function;

4. If there is danger of electric shock, electric insulation function is required;

Choice of leather safety upper, sole, protective bag head and stab-proof midsole

Select according to environmental and safety requirements:

1. If the working environment is dusty and there is a slight splash of water and oil, it is recommended to use safety shoes with cowherd top;

2. If there is a small amount of dust and slight water splashing in the working environment, safety shoes with water-proof fabric can be used;

 3, if the work environment of dust and water, oil splashing are less, can use the side of the safety shoes for fur;

 4, if the ground is dry or occasionally has a small amount of water, oil, can use polyurethane outsole safety shoes;

 5. If the sole of safety shoes needs to contact with water for a long time, or contact with the ground at a temperature above 120° c, it is recommended to use safety shoes or safety boots with rubber outsole;

6. If you need anti-smash, puncture and electrical insulation at the same time, from a safer point of view, you can choose non-metallic safety shoes.

Safety shoes are a tool for people to protect their personal safety. As a manufacturer with 20 years experience we have provided many different-function shoes for our clients. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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