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How to distinguish between cemented and injection safety shoes

How to distinguish between cemented and injection safety shoes


According to the production process of safety shoes, there are three types production technology: Goodyear, injection and cemented. Today Glory footwear Co.,Ltd. will focus on the difference between the injection and the cement process.

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Injection construction is machine-made safety shoes. After the upper is tied to the aluminum last, PVC, TPR and other materials are usually directly injected by the turntable machine to form the sole at one time. Now there is also PU (chemical name polyurethane) injection molding (machine and mold) It is different from general injection molding).  This process has high production efficiency, and the sole is wear-resistant and insulated. This process is suitable for the production of shoes for safety protection.

Cemented construction is what we generally call hand-made safety shoes, which generally require cement assembly line processing. The method is to use plastic last to shape the upper and glue it together with the sole. Cement construction shoes are non-high temperature making shoes. the soles are generally provided by factories that specialize in shoe soles. If they do not have a mold for the sole, they need to open another mold.

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Differentiation method: The most obvious feature of the difference between cemented and injection safety shoes is the sole. The injection shoes have a line on the heel or edge, which is because the shoes are left from the mold. The cemented sole is on the side where the upper and sole are glued, so it is invisible.

With the intensified competitiveness of the protective footwear market environment, it is imperative to produce high-quality safety protective footwear. Glory footwear is to cater to this market demand, constantly improving product quality, improving production technology, and providing consumers with Excellent products and good quality are reflected in a good reputation. Glory safety shoes deserve your trust! 

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