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more men opt for shoes big on wear and tear but barely there

by:Glory Footwear     2020-05-03
Look at the men\'s foot today and you will find a lot of sandals.
Doug Maden said: \"Today\'s men don\'t just change with sandals when they come home at night or hang out in the pool, vice president of operations at the walk store at costa Mesa MainPlace/Santa Ana and Crystal Court.
\"Many men wear sandals all day.
\"Because they are wearing sandals more than ever before, men are becoming more and more picky about sandals.
Ryan Eldridge, J. Manager, said: \"Not only do they want sandals that are really comfortable, but men are also looking for fashionable sandals . \"
In the main square/Stephens of Santa Ana.
Sandals perform well in outdoor activities is also important for many active men today.
\"Sales of men\'s sandals have risen sharply over the past two years as there is an increasing interest in high-quality sandals that can be used for running, hiking and other sports,\" Maddern said . \".
\"Today\'s manufacturers are producing high-tech sandals
Anatomical foot bed and other performance features.
\"The strength and durability of the sandals is very important, as does Marty Ortiz, assistant manager for Huntington Surf at Huntington Beach.
Here\'s a sample of the stores that offer sandals for all occasions: dana footprints/MISSION footsat these stores you will find Birkenstock Arizona sandals with a cork foot bed forming the feet. These rubber-
The Soled shoes have two leather buckle straps at the front of the foot.
Smooth leather or suede in various colors, including purple, Berry, gray and forest green ($82, Sizes 5-17 1/2).
Rockport waterproof sandals with two nylon
Velcro strap with ribs.
One strap goes through the front of the foot and the other through the ankle. The rubber-
Soled sandals are ideal for wet weather and hiking or rock climbing.
When things get slippery, the suction cup on the sole catches the ground.
These sandals support arches in black or brown ($69, Sizes 5-13).
The owner, Gail retich, said that Joseph Sebel\'s Berlin \"fisherman\'s sandals\" look almost like regular shoes.
These are made of woven leather with a wide buckle around the ankle, a leather heel and closed toe.
Black or brown ($110, Sizes 6-13).
Dana Footprints, 34161 coast road, Dana Point D suites (714)248-
San Juan Capellano suites 7178 Camino Capellano 31781 St. Francis square 207 and mission footprint (714)493-7454.
Huntington Surf and sports the store\'s Reef convertible sandals have two adjustable Velcro straps in front of the feet and one around the heel.
The straps are made of blue and gray woven nylon material and the rest are made of thick rubber
The sole is black.
These shoes are also available in red, gray, white or pure black.
They have arch support ($30, Sizes 4-13).
Nike brand Air Deschutz sandals offer good traction, which makes them ideal for hiking, Ortiz said.
The light shoes are flexible but strong.
There is a leather Velcro strap on the front of the foot and a leather Velcro strap around the heel.
The shoes are black and have purple highlights ($60, Sizes 3-15).
Rainbow handmade leather sandals are designed to fit your feet, Ortiz said. These leather-
The vamp sandals have two straps to form an upside down V on the top of the foot.
They have rubber soles, black or brown (
$40, small to large).
300 Pacific Coast Highway Huntington Beach714)841-4000. J.
STEPHENSThis shop conducts non-slip in Generra huaraches
Sandals of various styles. These rubber-
The front of the feet and around the ankles of the Soled shoes have leather straps.
They have black, brown or morebrown (
$1/2, 3, 7-12).
Zodiac Cortez leather sandals have a leather foot bed and two straps in front of the foot. These slip-
Sandals in black or brown (
$57, size 7 1/2-12).
This shop also has Loredano leather.
Soled sandals with four 1-
Inch broadband at the top of the foot and buckle around the ankle.
Black or brown (
$60, size 7 1/212).
Main Square/Santa Ana ,(714)836-8070.
Jack\'s surfboard this store\'s Teva sports sandals have a nylon strap on the top of the foot and the other around the ankle. These all-
Black sandals have black and brown, black and blue or black and green straps.
They have rubber soles. $59, Sizes 6-14).
Rainbow double bow leather sandals have a double bow to make these slip
Shoes are more comfortable to wear.
At the top of the foot, two leather straps form an inverted V.
Sandals in black or brown, rubber sole ($37, Sizes 6-14).
Beachside Beachcomber sandal in this shop has bottom rubber sole and upper suede sole.
These are V-belts in leather, black or brown ($20, Sizes 6-14). 200 Main St.
Huntington Beach ,(714)536-4516.
In this shop, you will find sandals on the banks of the forest.
The waterproof sandals feature five Velcro straps made of nylon and covered with leather on their feet.
There is also a Velcro strap around the heel and the toe is open.
The sole is flat, no.
The smooth face and shoes are brown with green decoration ($65, Sizes 7-15).
Boston sandals in bokenstoke are like a wooden clog. This close-
The toenails have a suede cover on the top of the entire foot, leaving only one opening inserted into the foot.
Sandals are black, navy, or beige, and have a well-outlined foot bed ($92, Sizes 3-15).
Milan at Birkenstock are black or brown suede or leather.
This has two buckles on the top of the foot and a buckle around the heel ($87, Sizes 6-15). 706 E.
Empire Highway Brea (714)529-7872.
The shoes in this store are woven sandals brought by quiet puppies.
Brown sandals have criss-crossed leather straps on the top of their feet and buckle straps around their ankles.
Open-toe sandals with flexible soles ($35, Sizes 7-12).
Ryan\'s sandals are also available for the walkers.
These brown notes.
The leather shoes have woven leather straps covering the top of the feet.
The back and toe areas are closed and they have a flexible sole ($40, Sizes 7-12).
Moush Puppies\'s Tempe sandals have a buckle at the top of the foot near the toe and a buckle around the ankle.
This pair of brown leather shoes has flexible soles ($47, sizes 7-12).
Plaza Lavin, 514 E. 1st St. , Tustin, (714)544-3734.
Walking shop these stores have a wide variety of sandals that are perfect for an active lifestyle, including what mcden says is Mephisto Norman sandals with a soft but supportive latexThe French-
The Crafted nubuck leather sandals have two adjustable buckle straps on the top of the foot.
Brown, black, olive green and brown ($110, Sizes 6-14).
The store also operates German Rhodes sandals. These clog-
This shoe is made of genuine leather, with antelope and black.
Maddern said: \"They have an injection shaped sole that can disperse the vibration and make people feel like they are walking barefoot on the beach . \" ($83, Sizes 8-13).
Teva sandals are a rough top sandalsof-
Line outdoor sports sandals for activities such as rock climbing, rafting and off-roadCountry run.
Maddern says the soles of these sandals are made of neoprene and compressed rubber, which means the shoes absorb the impact when you jump.
There are three Velcro straps to hold the feet. -
One is close to the toe, one on the back of the foot and the other around the heel.
Shoes are black or multi-colored, such as black, blue and purple, black and blue diamonds and black, blue and green ($49-$62, Sizes 6-14).
Main Square/Santa Ana ,(714)541-
8330 and Crystal Court in Costa Mesa (714)546-6610.
VANSAt these stores you will find the Tojos sandals of Flojos. These slip-
On rubber sandals, there is a strap on each big toe, and the two straps form an inverted V on the foot.
They have rubber soles, black, white or brown ($8, Sizes 5-13).
Another pair of Flojos
Rubber sandals have two cross straps.
One goes from the big toe to the right side of the foot and the other from the small toe to the left side of the foot. These slip-
Shoes in white or black ($8, Sizes 5-13).
Also in Flojos, they have rubber sandals with a Velcro strap on their feet and a strap on their ankles.
These black shoes have a cross pattern of blue and purple ($33, Sizes 5-13). Brea Mall, (714)255-1108;
Buena Park Mall, 995-2406; 1501 S. Harbor Blvd. , Fullerton, (714)526-2617;
10931 Chapman Avenue
Garden Grove ,(714)534-4013;
19541 Beach Avenue.
Huntington Beach ,(714)960-0629;
No. 1666 Newport Avenue, Costa Mesa, (714)642-5753; 485 N. Tustin Ave. , Orange, (714)532-3068; 1212 N. Bristol St. , Santa Ana, (714)957-6130; 3851 S. Bristol St. , Santa Ana, (714)850-9712;
2781 El Camino Real, Tustin ,(714)573-8018; 14901 Holt Ave. , Tustin, (714)730-0391;
13901 Beach Avenue. Westminster ,(714)893-
4608 and Westminster Mall (714)891-1805.
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