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Safety shoes classification

Safety shoes classification


                                                             Safety shoes classification

According to the protection performance of the safety shoes, there are anti-static shoes and conductive shoes, insulating shoes, anti-hit shoes, anti-puncture safety shoes, anti-acid and alkali shoes, anti-oil shoes, anti-skid shoes, anti-puncture shoes, cold-proof shoes, waterproof shoes and other special shoes. 

1. Anti-static shoes and conductive shoes

They are used to prevent human body from carrying static electricity and causing accidents. Among them, conductive shoes can only be used for places where electric shock is not dangerous. In order to ensure the effect of eliminating human body static electricity, the bottom of the shoes should not be stuck with insulating impurities, and socks with high insulation should not be worn.

2. Insulating shoes (boots)

Used for the protection of electrical operators to prevent electric shock within a certain voltage range, Insulation shoes can only be used as auxiliary safety labor protection supplies, so its mechanical properties must be good.

3. Anti-smashing shoes

The main function is to prevent falling objects from injuring the foot. So the head of the shoe has anti-impact materials, such as steel toe, composite toe and so on.


4. Acid-proof shoes (boots)

For the ground acid and alkali and other corrosive liquid such as acid and alkali splash of the workplace, the bottom and upper leather of acid and alkali resistant shoes (boots) should have good acid and alkali resistance and permeability resistance.


5. Puncture resistant shoes

Used to protect the sole of the foot from being hurt by various hard objects. So the midsole is steel plate, Kevlar, steel shank and so on.


6. Steel making shoes

The main function is anti - burning soup, cutting, can year - old certain static pressure and resistance to a certain temperature, not flammable.


7. Oil-proof shoes (boots)

A place used for oil spill or spill.

8. Worm proof shoes (boots)

It is used to protect the feet of low temperature workers from frostbite. Worm proof shoes (boots) have two kinds: does not have heat source and take heat source. The former kind are cotton shoes and fur shoes (boots). latter kind are heat source shoes (boos), take fuel (such as oil, carbon) electrothermal is heat source normally.


9. Waterproof safety shoes (boots)

The waterproof safety shoes are been used for the ground water or splashing water in the workplace. There are industrial mine shoes, salt flat shoes, aquatic product boots, and transplanting rice boots. This kind of safety shoes must be with wear-resisting, preventing slippery and preventing puncture. The glue makings of aquatic shoes and salt flat boots are must be resistant to salt even corrode.

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