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Safety shoes Description and features

Safety shoes Description and features


The durable and dependable GLORY footwear work boot for men is engineered for outstanding everyday performance. This electrical hazard (EH) rated high-top boot with water-resistant leather upper and removable insole is designed to keep you both safe and comfortable on the job. The exclusive Outsole is slip resistant, abrasion resistant and oil resistant. The clog-resistant outsole features a wide lug chevron tread pattern and Ladder Grab technology for added safety and security.

military tactical boots upper

Zone Traction: Combination of environment-specific SFC lug patterns for all-new performance outsoles.

Water-Resistant: Treated to repel liquids from the surface.

Material : Elongation at break:35-80%; Water Absorption at 30% Maximum after 60(min); tear strength at 50kg; tensile strength at 220kg.

Inside zip: BY YKK No.8 Metal finish closed-end with "H3" finish "DA" slider.

Lining: And the Tear strength is 2.5kg. More importantly is this lining abrasion resistance can reach 25600 dry cycles.

Padded collar with 6mm foam.

Slip Resistant Outsole: The rubber outsole pattern is designed by Americans designer. Notches in our GLORY Outsole are engineered to catch ladder steps. flexing resistance at cut growth Max 4mm 30000 cyeles; Abrasion resistance at Max150mm volume loss. Tearing strength at 8 kn/m.

Padded tongue

Weight (per shoe): 19.68 oz.


Internal structure

Toe cap: Thermoplastic fiber board with 1.8mm thickness. and with latex toe cap liner for added comfort.

Back Counter: Thermoplastic fiber board with 1.6mm thickness.

PU Protection strip

Midsole: Damping PU shock absorbing polyurethane

Insole: NANO footed for enhanced comfort and reduced odour with 5mm memory foam.

Clog Resistant: Wider spaced traction lugs don't let dirt and debris get stuck in the outsole.


Safety shoes are high-tech and high-value-added footwear products. The production process of safety shoes has high requirements for raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, mechanical equipment, etc. The raw materials must comply with EU standards and the production process is also very high complex. Our company has 10 years of production experience, If you are looking for a suitable supplier please contact us.

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