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Stylish, comfortable, packable: The best shoes for travelers

by:Glory Footwear     2020-04-19
Ask experienced travelers what their biggest packaging challenge is and you may hear: shoes!
The thing is this: we threw a pair of trails for walking, another pair for city walks, at least a pair of high-end shoes for dinner, beach slippers, strong boat shoes.
We like our super. comfy worn-
They wear hiking boots, but they take up too much space, and-well —old, worn-Wearing hiking Glory Boots
We may need them, though.
By now, the suitcase has been bulging. Really?
Can\'t we get comfort and fashion without packing six pairs?
Orietta pizazza, who leads a walking tour of Sicily Country Walkers, said yes, just choose the right pair.
\"You can pick shoes that are versatile, comfortable and stylish,\" Piazza said . \".
His test: \"If you arrive in your room after a long day of walking and standing, taking off your shoes is not the first thing you do, you have the right shoes!
\"We asked tour guides and avid explorers to recommend their favorite travel shoes and then we (
A few of our male friends)
Gave them an exercise.
Here are some of the best.
We love our Sanuks: fun and comfortable, a little resilient attitude. The company (
Part of California
Deckers based brands including UGG, hoka one and Teva)
There is an early foundation in Southern California\'s surfing culture, which shows their Foundation --back designs.
By the way: Sanuk is the Thai word \"fun \".
A pair of dice-
Ons, using the company\'s yoga mat material on the foot bed (
Soft and flexible)
Rubber sole (Decent traction)
Is our favorite (Starting at $45).
They have all kinds of colors and fabrics (
Suede, leather, washed canvas)
And higher than the others-quality slip-on brands.
For leisure trips and walks in town, we also like Sanuk Vee K Shawn ($55)A casual laceup chukka-style sneaker.
Our male testers don\'t say enough about the mistakes.
In Sanuk Nu Nami ($55)
With stylish stitching, worn edges, molded foot bed and rubber sole.
They\'re \"super light\", \"very comfortable\", \"I\'m going-to shoe. ’’M.
Milan, bistro-Mall
Jump in Paris, stroll on the beach and rush to work in Boston? Your M.
Do you have any insurance for Gemi Cerchio sneakers ($228).
The shoes were sold out almost immediately for a reason, with nearly 1,000 people on the waiting list. The Boston-based e-
Companies in these high-
Leather Sneakers. this is handmade.
Hand woven in Italy in several colors. They’re high-
Quality, fashion, easy to slip in and overcomfortable.
We also like their city. chic, moccasin-like Staccato ($228)
It is very suitable to go through airport security and street after arrival.
Suede sandwich ($228)
It is equivalent to our testers and has been well received.
If you like ballet
Style shoes, you will love the flat shoes of Rothy, which have classic pointed shoes ($145)
Round toes ($125).
They are made from recycled water bottles but feel soft and flexible.
Seamless knit fabric means that there is no friction surface or hard edges, and the rubber sole provides stability in the case of not being too hard.
They are very feminine.
Look and have a range of stylish color designs (Red Camo!
Cherry bird eyes! Black Python! )
What else do you need to say?
Oh, this can be machine washed.
Just put them in cold water and dry washing machines.
We had a couple of Rossi\'s in our suitcase all the time.
Like slippers (
You can be outside! )
When we put together these baby bags made of New Zealand merino wool, that\'s what we said.
We carry a pair of birds with us.
Especially when we want something super comfortable.
Then we wear them all day because we don\'t want to take them off.
There is a padded insole, foam and rubber outer sole, which is both supported and given. The easy slip-
We like to be on the wool recliner most ($95)
But we are also thinking about wool runners who order sneakers ($95).
Both styles are available in men\'s and women\'s sizes and colors.
They are machines. washable, too.
TevaHere\'s plan: after a long flight, we will have dinner at a popular lunch spot, then go kayaking, meet with friends and enjoy a sunset cruise.
We might squeeze on the beach for a walk and have dinner at a local fish house. It’s Teva time!
Original omnipotent sandals (Starting at $50)
Adjustable Velcro strap, thick foam foot bed and rubber sole must be available
Suitable for outdoor lovers.
We don\'t have them when it comes to water, camping, easy hiking and beach trips.
ClarksHey guys: if you want to buy one
In travel shoes, consider Clarkdale Jean ($170).
This is the epitome of style and comfort.
This leather low boot looks good with elegant stitching.
It also feels good and has a \"triple
Density cube™Removable soles, rubber soles, leather soles add more style.
These shoes can go anywhere.
Clarks offers a variety of top products
Rated as women\'s shoes.
We love the feeling of women Lillia petal shoes when traveling ($80).
They are ballet, sneakers, easy to slip, easy to pack, easy to wear.
Classic 7 sea boat shoes (Starting at $89. 95)
No matter the size of men or women, there are many fancy high
Technical content: RazorCut Wave-
Siping™And terrain traction pods for Super traction, analog construction and integrated energy return system for the comfort of the sea floor, as well as mesh uppers with water
Rejection technology for fast drying and breathability. Sounds good;
They feel better.
When traveling includes a lot of outdoor activities, these are one of the places we are goingtos.
A long road 8 across the airport
An hour\'s flight went astraylonger-than-it should-have-
Travel long distances to take public transport
Meet an hour\'s trip on uneven cobblestone streets and bumpy alleys-
Have dinner with local colleagues and friends and
Dinner stroll to the top of the observation deck.
When we got back to our room that night, we were good-
Philippine boots ($399)
Not the first thing we took off.
These babies are comfortable and stylish.
Handmade leather boots with patented softness
Air midsole of heel, shock absorber and strong rubber sole.
Soft, flexible, supportive and stylish.
Lace for Valentine\'s Dayups ($349)
There are all kinds of colors in this trip, which can also meet the challenge.
The company offers a variety of styles for men and women, and we suspect you will not go wrong with any of them.
When we need extra care for our feet, we turn to the Kuru Quantum leather sneakers ($135)
Known as \"the most comfortable shoes in the world \".
\"We all have hard and hard shoes and soft shoes.
These are just right.
The company claims its patented foam insole can be formed on your feet while special foam insoles
The designed sole distributes your weight evenly. Whatever.
All we know is that our feet are happy in it.
Our guy tested the black leather Kivi sneakers ($140)
They also got high marks.
Our only complaint is: they look a little clunky and not as stylish or streamlined as we thought.
Next time, we might be playing with their quantum tennis shoes ($120)
Or a lovely Bella ballet ($140).
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