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What is raw material for goodyear safety shoes in Glory Footwear?
Since the production of goodyear safety shoes involves many different types of materials, it is recommended that customers can ask for the answers from our staff. As is known to us, raw materials are the inputs or resources that a company uses to manufacture the finished products. In Qingdao Glory Footwear Co., Ltd., some of them are extracted from minerals while others are produced from basic chemicals, or they are natural substances. Only through strict selection and necessary standard tests, can these materials be adopted to manufacture the products.

Glory Footwear is a slip on sneakers service provider for many well-known companies and development companies. Glory Footwearproduces a number of different product series, including goodyear footwear. It features electrical safety. In the production process, all electrical problems are solved after such tests as low-frequency phenomena tests. A 3-month warranty is provided for the product. The offices should be stocked up with this product because it absolutely enhances the working efficiency and productivity. The product is certified under CE EN ISO20345, ASTM F 2413-2011:2000, and CAN/CSA Z 195-02.

Glory Footwearinsists on goodyear footwear first and provides high quality and efficient services. Contact us!
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