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Why safety shoes are important?

Why safety shoes are important?


Safety shoes are important for us. As well know, occupational health protection is becoming more and more important and foot injuries have become one of the killers threatening occupational health. For example: being hit by falling/falling objects, bumping, slipping, burning, splashing from corrosive objects, stab wounds from sharp objects, electric shocks, static shocks, etc. Therefore, depending on the working environment, it is very important and necessary to choose the right safety shoes.

Please refer to foot injury types and specific descriptions:

1. Mechanical injuries, falling objects hit the toes; hard objects hit the feet; stabbed by sharp objects; bruised by rolling hard objects.

2. Static electricity, flammable and explosive environment, the body surface charge accumulates and causes explosion; below 220V voltage, power frequency capacitor equipment will cause electric shock due to static electricity.

3. Slipping and falling may cause serious falls, bruises or even death.

4. Chemical and chemical liquid splashes may cause burns and corrosion of the skin tissues of the feet.

It is not enough to choose suitable labor insurance shoes according to the operating conditions. From the current background, the price acceptable to companies buying labor insurance shoes is generally lower, and the low price also determines the cost of the product, which leads to cheaper The quality of the labor insurance shoes cannot pass the customs, and such labor insurance shoes can't provide much protection at all. Choosing suitable and standard safety shoes is responsible for your life.


This shows that it is so important to wear safety shoes in the workplace. As a strong manufacturer of safety shoes and labor protection shoes, Qingdao Glory Footwear now produces various safety shoes. We provide personalized processing and customized safety shoes service. Please contact us! 

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