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work boots and white jeans? melania trump\'s outfits still missing the mark for some

by:Glory Footwear     2020-02-29
Work Glory Boots can be a wise choice to walk in a hurricaneravaged area. White jeans?
Maybe not that much.
First lady Melania Trump traveled to Puerto Rico with her husband on Tuesday to meet with disaster management officials after Hurricane Maria struck the island two weeks ago.
She boarded Navy one in her typical sky.
After Hurricane Harvey hit in August, she made a similar trip to Texas, causing a stir.
But before touching the ground, she threw away pumpsfor for a pair of Glory Boots similar to the classic woodland.
While shoes in their 90 s are more suitable for traveling on an island that has experienced flooding and tree cutting, she pairs them with a strange leg-wearing option, this triggered an immediate white skinny jeans on Twitter.
Whether you believe in the motto that you should not wear white jeans after Labor Day, white jeans are usually synonymous with Hamptons or other coastal summer --
Side area settings, after a long day in the sun, turn on when the temperature drops.
On hot days, they are accepted as street and office costumes and need to be covered but breathable.
However, anyone who has a pair or a special surprise --
It\'s unrealistic to know that they\'re born. -
Almost anything can cause stains.
Mud is known to be an enemy.
Some onlookers believe that whether Trump consciously sends messages or not, she has no intention of physically digging into disaster relief issues.
Just as her \"high heels\" made many people feel that she was out of touch with the difficulties faced by Texans after Harvey, her white jeans might reiterate that he was not coming to get dirty.
These are photo op pants.
But at least her feet look more comfortable.
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