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Safety shoes accessory function

Safety shoes accessory function


We all know the importance of safety shoes in high-risk industries, but do you know that accessories that can play a key role in safety shoes ? Today, Glory footwear will introduce you to several built-in accessories in safety shoes.

1. steel toe 

impact Resistance: 200J for safety footwear which meets Europe Standard

Compression Resistance: 15KN for safety footwear 

Corrosion Resistance: ≤3 areas


A) Excellent resistance to impact and compression tests

B) Good corrosion resistance

C) Good resistance to chemical agents  

D) Excellent high-temperature resistance

2. Fiberglass toe

Material : fiberglass

Standard : EN12568 / CSA / ASTM / ANSI  Used : safety shoes

Finishing : free from burrs and sharp edges  Internal Length:34-40MM

Impact Resistance:

200J for safety footwear/100J for protective footwear  

Compression Resistance:

15KN for safety footwear / 10 KN for protective footwear  Other requirements:

200J after 5 environmental treatment


A) Non-electric, good insulation and anti rust  B) High heat resistance

C) Good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength  

D) Light weight, is about 2/3to1/2 of the Steel Toe Caps  

E)  With fiber resin material, green environmental

3. Composite toe

Thickness : 9mm(front)/2.5mm(side)  Feature : anti-smash

Finishing : free from burrs and sharp edges  Standard : EN12568 / CSA / ASTM / ANSI  Impact strength:200 joules

Compression resistance:15KN

Application: safety shoes/military boots/work boots/labor shoes


A.Light weight     B.low thermal conductivity  C.Electrical insulation   D.anti-aging   E.recyclable

4. Steel midsole

The steel midsole has strong puncture resistance and can provide all-round protection for the person.

5. Kevlar midsole

This is a non-metal puncture-proof midsole, and it's also a protective material for safety shoes.

Glory footwear is a leading safety shoes manufacturer and exporter over 20 years in China. All series of shoes are meets the international safety standard. Welcome sent an inquiry to us to learn more. 

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