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Glory Footwear introduce a beautiful coastal city - Qingdao

Glory Footwear introduce a beautiful coastal city - Qingdao


Glory footwear as a famous enterprise of manufacturing safety shoes is located in Qingdao which is a beautiful coastal city. Some of our clients from all over the world come all the way to Qingdao to discuss business with us every year. Of course we are happy to entertain guests from afar and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Qingdao  together.

Qingdao is near the mountains and the sea, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate. Red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky reflect Qingdao beautiful figure; red reef, small waves, colorful sails, golden beaches constitute the beautiful scenery of Qingdao; With history, teaching, folk customs, local customs and festivals have endowed Qingdao tourism with rich cultural connotation.

Condensing the former residences of celebrities in modern history and culture; With typical European style, the architecture of various countries has formed a combination of Chinese and Western characteristics. Qingdao is popular for its unique seafood diet, which is fresh and light. Laoshan green stone, natural treasures. Qingdao is also a famous beer and visitors can taste authentic fresh Qingdao beer.


Zhanqiao pier, a symbol of Qingdao, was built in 1891 as a simple military pier, and has been rebuilt several times to swim people open. The current trestle is 440 meters long and is known as "Huilan Pagoda". The embankment is a picturesque trestle park, flowers covered with wood, rattan around the corridor, overlooking the green island of Qingdao verdant, white tower jade beauty, is a tourist sightseeing tour a good place to rest.

Badaguan, Lying between Huiquan Cape and Taiping Cape, Badaguan faces the rippling Taiping Bay. In the Badaguan area,more than 200 villas of exotic style are scattered among the lush old-growth flora. There are so many villas that the scenic spot is considered a World Architecture Museum.Criss-crossing the scenic area are ten roads built in 1931 and lined with many varieties of trees including peaches, crabapples, pine trees and ginkgo. Eight of the roads are named after the eight great passes of the Great Wall,hence the name Badaguan.

May 4th square, named to commemorate the May 4th Movement, the square consists of three parts: City Hall Square, central Square and seaside Park. During the sculpture gathering, the fountain tuyu jade pine and cypress lush, flowers and green, imposing, elegant magnificent, extremely rich Qingdao characteristics and modern spirit.

Glory Footwear welcome our friends to Qingdao very much,not only to negotiate business about safety shoes with us, but also tohave a good time in Qingdao. 

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