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Black leather all over: It\'s definitely time to take it beyond your boots

by:Glory Footwear     2020-02-20
Leather for autumn?
As pastor Miranda said ironically, \"broke ground \".
Black leather and nautical stripes in the spring, reappearing every fall.
Take a look at your own wardrobe.
How many black Glory Boots are you lurking in the depths?
It\'s usually the most basic thing we have and the easiest thing to forget in our wardrobe.
This season, however, leather appears on so many runways that it cannot be ignored as a major trend.
We\'re talking more than just smooth accessories, jackets and jeans.
Mark Jacobs, Miao and Haider Ackerman all showed jet-
Puffed patent trench coat, designed by Hermes and Akris for modern matrix
Like a dress, Saint Laurent and selvato filagamo made stylish suits, and philosophical di Lorenzo Serafini introduced a dress with a dresslike lapels.
Obviously, it\'s not about buying back what you already have.
Instead, it\'s about integrating smooth things in unexpected ways. For off-
You can wear sportswear, jerseys and ball caps during work hours.
Go to the meeting? Office-
The right sport jacket, shirt and dress is the answer to the fall trend dress.
Go ahead and give your moto jacket a break and it\'s time to post something new.
This coat is more warm than a cotton coat, with all the traditional tan version, such as a double layer
Breasted buckle, wrist buckle and belt but also need attention.
Leather Trench, $3,608 (
$3,376), frame-store.
Any dress with a little French style is fine.
Following the navy leather beret that walked on the Dior runway last fall, you can get the look from Asos at a fraction of the cost.
We recommend matching it with dots to get a beautiful, sincere feel.
Black leather beret, $31. 56, asos.
ComLeather shorts sound a bit contradictory but worth a try.
When it comes to styling, treat them like a skirt.
It means it\'s alone.
The legs now have a top of the cool breeze and wear sweaters and tights as mercury drops. High-
Leather shorts for the waist, $129. 99, mango.
ComGranted you may not wear a leather hoodie on a comfortable Sunday morning on the sofa, but it can easily replace your motorcycle jacket when you go out at night.
This one from Mackage, Canada is the definition of lay-back luxe.
Smooth leather hooded jacket in Gibb pilot style, $550, mackage.
When you think that you already have black leather in your closet, you immediately think of certain shapes (
Moto jackets, bags, Glory Boots . . . . . . ).
Take a chance on a pair of Heights outside your comfort zone
Waist skirts, they will be your new choicetos.
Top shop premium leather pants for about $298.
ComFaux let brings a fresh look to this dress.
It still has comfortable contours and super
The thin spaghetti strap, but from the gorgeous silk is a funky switch.
Also, this one is satin lined so you won\'t get any sticks.
Bed Bedford faux leather dress for about $383. 24 CAD, net-a-porter.
The baseball season may last until October, but you shouldn\'t wait until then to change your hat. This vegan-
The friendly faux leather version became special due to a little bit of scarlet red heart.
The mini heart-shaped hat of Topshop, about $27.
You can wear this when you go to work. The topic of the water dispenser is always related to your suit jacket.
For the most flattering effect, look for a jacket with plenty of seams, strong shoulders, and sharp waist points.
Pygoyere leather jacket, $1,089, Nordstrom.
Under sweaters and jackets, coats are used as the ground floor.
This shoulders f shoulder, small neck and thin sleeves are worth a look.
Balance the body-
Hug and wide silhouette
Trousers or skirts.
Faux leather top with PushBUTTON high collar shirt, $513. 42, shopbop.
The black leather jogger is a very wide range of trousers.
For Saturday morning coffee, go with a spacious sweaterwhite sneaks.
In the evening, change the look with sky-high sandals and silk camping pants.
Bassike leather pants, $1,695, net price-a-porter.
Moneta (comCaitlan Moneta)@caitlanmoneta)is a Toronto-
Fashion editors, writers and designers.
She firmly believes that nothing can be solved by retail therapy.
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