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boots shopper claims £5 cucumber eye mask caused ‘huge red chemical burns’

by:Glory Footwear     2020-02-18
After applying some fake bronze skin and fixing your feet, relaxing with a blindfold is pre-
Enjoy a regular holiday.
But it should be a happy moment for a British holidaymaker, and when a £ 5 cucumber mask leaves her a \"huge red chemical burn\" it becomes
Lauren Price bought cucumber 2-
The day before she went on vacation, step eye kit on her Glory Boots.
However, the product-
Promise to reduce eye bags and dark circles
Instead, the skin around her eyes became swollen and red.
The psychology graduate posted a photo of her \"pain\" and \"swelling\" skin on the official Facebook page and wrote: \"Hi boots, I just bought it this afternoon in Aberdeen
\"This is 2 in 2 in cucumber eye mask.
I have a holiday tomorrow and think at 5 This is great and I will have my skin ready.
Laura only managed to get through half before she had to remove the product, adding: \"In the suggested time, after putting the first patch on my face, I took them down to find a huge red chemical burn.
\"My face is very red, swollen and sore where the eye mask is placed.
However, Laura was shocked when she found out that this so-called \"soothing\" product had received many similar reviews online.
She added: \"How do you continue to sell this product in your store when people provide reviews and photos and show that this product is disturbing?
Laura also contacted YesTo and concluded: \"Please remove this product so that this will not happen to others . \".
\"Before removing the post from their Facebook timeline, a customer service consultant apologized to Laura and asked her to return the product to the store for further investigation.
\"For chemical burns and skin rashes, there is nothing easy on the eyes and nothing to calm down.
I have two red raised commas.
Under my eyes, the shape stung like crazy. \"While the two-
Step products promise \"soothing cucumbers, caffeine and Wu dia keep your skin calm while waving buh --bye to excess [eye]
\"Luggage\", other customers also found the product burnt their skin.
A customer who claimed in an Amazon review that the \"pungent, bitter smell\" made their \"eyes sting\" wrote: \"It burned my skin --
A painful, heated feeling almost begins with contact.
At the same time, just six days ago, another customer wrote: \"My eyes are burning in a few minutes.
When I remove the eye pad, the outline of the eye pad is on my face.
\"The red mask did not fade after about 8 hours.
My skin is not sensitive.
A spokesperson said: \"The safety of the products we sell is very important to us and we can confirm that we contact the customer directly and ask her to return the products to us, so that we can investigate with our suppliers.
YesTo was also reached for comment online.
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