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boots under fire for handing out drugs prescriptions in plastic bags rather than traditional paper ones

by:Glory Footwear     2020-02-24
The boots were attacked by the customer after the customer began to distribute repeated drug prescriptions with plastic bags instead of traditional paper prescriptions.
Customers said they were \"angry\" and \"shocked\" about the decision of the boot to change the packaging \".
said the decision on plastic bags was due to some repetitive prescriptions being assembled in a central location before being sent to individual pharmacies.
On last August, signed a UK plastic agreement led by charity packaging (
Action Programme on Waste and Resources)
Reduce Plastic packaging by 2025.
Dr. David Moon, head of business cooperation at WRAP, said they were \"in contact with on this topic and other topics related to their contribution to the goal of the Pact.
\"Boot customer Bob complained to the company after receiving the prescription in the plastic bag.
\"They should lose more customers because of such a bad decision,\" he told the BBC . \".
Roisin Moriarty said she was confused when she was handed a plastic bag, \"she got more and more angry when I went back to work \".
\"I told my colleagues that they were equally shocked and then I decided not to let it lie,\" she said.
\"According to , most prescriptions are still packed in paper bags in the store, but some are in DPS (
Pharmacy for dispensing support)
Located in Preston.
The company says the bag needs to be \"heated\"
Seal off \"to reduce the risk of the product falling off during transportation.
The shift to DSP began in 2014 when the initiative was initially trialled but later expanded to provide repeat prescriptions to 380 stores.
Charities, including friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, were \"confused\" about the decision and called on the government to push for stronger legislation on singlesuse plastics.
Louise Edge of Greenpeace said: \"We are confused about this.
has just signed a promise to reduce singles.
Using plastic-here, however, they introduce new \"durable\" plastic bags for repeated prescriptions.
The bags, she added, \"will not degrade for hundreds of years and may release toxic micro-plastic pollution to our rivers and oceans.
Emma pristerland of Friends of the Earth said: \"Companies like boots are using meaningless plastics, which shows that it is not enough to voluntarily commit to reducing the use of plastics.
\"We hope that these commitments are made not only to promote but also to really care about the planet.
Labor deputy leader Tom Watson shared his frustration with butts on Twitter.
\"Nowadays, it is not acceptable to move from paper to plastic to save costs,\" he said.
Your customers are very angry and confused.
Please sort this out.
\" insisted that their bag 100 was recyclable and said they expected to announce further measures to significantly reduce plastic usage in the coming weeks, hoping to use alternative packaging options.
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