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do barefoot running shoes work?

by:Glory Footwear     2020-04-19
What is this pair of barefoot running shoes? I\'m a runner.
In fact, I do marathon training every year.
I have seen and put on my running shoes.
But I\'m just not sure of one of the latest \"fashion\" in the footwear field.
Barefoot running shoes look fun, but the people who wear them swear that they are very practical and better for their overall fitness level and health.
Minimalist shoes are sweeping the running lines and even creating converts to wear them in cycling, hiking, mountain climbing and cardio classes.
The barefoot running shoes are very flat and most models have five \"fingers\" and the toes fit in like gloves.
They are designed to protect the soles of your feet while strengthening the muscles of your feet, toes, ankles and calves.
Barefoot shoes claim that once you remove all the carefully constructed pads, your running pace will become more natural and the air and high-tech soles that sneaker manufacturers have worked hard to develop over the last 30 years.
Not to mention, they are very ugly.
But do they work?
About barefoot running shoes, the word \"barefoot shoes\" is indeed a bit contradictory.
After all, if you are barefoot, your feet are barefoot. No shoes.
No covering.
However, our urban environment does not allow our ancestors to run and walk freely.
The thin covering provided by barefoot shoes is to protect your soles and toes.
But they are designed to be minimalist so that your feet work as if they were actually barefoot.
The barefoot shoes have only a few millimeters of thin rubber sole, separating your soft arch from the sidewalk, and are surprisingly light by 6 ounces.
Simply put, barefoot shoes do nothing but cover your feet.
Nada has no arch support, no buff, no \"air \".
But isn\'t that 180 of the total number of highly engineered running shoes we \'ve been used to for the last 20 years? 30 years?
Does barefoot shoes really work, or is it just the latest \"back to nature\" fashion invented by some funky green guys?
The answer seems to be yes, yes, yes!
The original \"barefoot shoe\" was Vibram fiveingers, created by industrial designer Robert Fliri and grandson Marco Bramani of Vitale Bramani, who invented hiking Glory Boots in 1935
The two men brought the idea of barefoot shoes to former college student runner Tony post.
Post is now president and CEO of Virbram in the United States.
Although barefoot shoes were originally designed for people enjoying sailing and rock climbing as an alternative to full barefoot, runners soon made the invention a way to enjoy the sport and reduce damage and pain
Over the past few years, they have become so hot that Time magazine has named them one of the best inventions of 2007.
How does barefoot running shoes work?
It is said that wearing barefoot running shoes can restore our gait to its natural state.
In fact, the muscles of our legs and feet can become stronger so that they can support the knee and even reduce the pain in the back and hips.
Not only that, but barefoot running shoes can also help improve agility, balance and posture.
According to Vibram fiveingers website: the typical human foot is an evolutionary anatomical miracle with 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles and hundreds of sensory receptors, tendons
Like the rest of the body, they need to be stimulated and exercised in order to keep our feet healthy.
Unlike traditional running shoes, barefoot shoes make your feet hit the ground like no shoesnaturally.
You will fall on your foot ball instead of heelstrike.
This simple action will completely change the mechanics of your running.
For some people, the changes in gait and biochemistry are too great.
Experts often suggest that you put on your shoes in a short period of time before gradually working up.
When you do this, you create new muscles that may not have been used before during running.
It may take you weeks or months to run comfortably in barefoot shoes.
Those who make the change usually swear by shoes.
Do I wear barefoot running shoes?
For me, I\'m running shoes now.
I\'m not ready to run barefoot.
In fact, for long distance races like Marathon, barefoot shoes are not recommended (
I am currently training for it).
The owner of a local running store in my hometown said that in general, people use barefoot shoes to supplement rather than replace traditional running shoes.
So, maybe one day I\'ll try a pair of barefoot shoes for my power class or even spin.
Maybe I will wear them while hiking on the nearby hills.
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