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five ways to bring life to your shoes

by:Glory Footwear     2020-05-06
Some people seem to like shoes, but they don\'t.
Good leather shoes are expensive.
Give them the respect they deserve and they will last longer.
What needs to be done to keep the shoes neat and span? 1. Shoe Care -
After using shoes, there are basically two categories: Shoe oil, wax and silicone.
Wax is better than silicone.
The wax shoe oil has a deep luster.
Wax is also better in preventing damage to wet shoes.
Silicone shoe oil just provides a surface gloss that is quickly applied.
Shoe experts say a common flaw in shoe care is the use of too much polish and the removal of too little.
A painless way to avoid this is to apply the wax using the same brush and polish it.
This may seem odd, but the use of less Poland is a significant incentive.
After some brands of Polish waxing, it will be easier to polish if it is polished immediately.
Other brands would be better if the wax remained dry for a few hours.
Unfortunately, it is a problem to test which method works best.
If the shoe oil becomes inflexible or cracked, place the container on boiling water.
It will soon return the wax to its original state.
Please note that certain cleaning agents include toxic substances.
Some substances may be volatile.
Make sure the room is well ventilated when using shoe oil.
Some toxic substances may be absorbed by the skin.
Avoid contact. 2. Shoe Care -
When winter roads are marinated, ugly white flaws appear on footwear.
The stains are difficult to remove and the remedies are also unstable.
Despite this, the salt looks unpleasant and worth a try.
Mix a gentle wash, a white wine and four portions of water.
Mix evenly and make emulsion.
Use a clean cloth and rub the lotion around the full shoe.
Give extra attention to the salt line.
Rinse the shoes carefully and dry them gently.
Re-apply nail polish when the shoes are completely dry.
The lotion used in this way took Poland away, and fortunately the stains disappeared as well. 3. Shoe Care -
Due to the friction on the bottom of the leather shoes, it often leads to the curing of the squeaky nails.
Especially with men\'s shoes.
Grease the sole with flax seed oil and should stop creaking.
In this way, flax seed oil also has the benefit of extending the life of the sole.
However, walking on the carpet should be avoided before the flax seed oil is dry.
If a woman\'s shoes squeak, it often shows that the metal supporting parts of the sole have become relaxed.
Repair requires skilled repair. 4. Shoe Care -
Solve the shoes of StinkFor for those who suffer from smelly shoes and help in the kitchen shop.
The ability of baking soda to eliminate odor is very strong.
Sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda in the shoes that have problems.
Shake the shoes so the whole interior is covered.
Leave them for six to eight hours.
After this time, even the worst shoes will smell sweet.
To prevent foot odor, try soaking your feet in soapy water with a little bleach.
Baking soda is baking soda and baking soda. 5. Shoe Care -
Storing shoes, especially at the bottom of the cabinet, can be the worst thing for them.
Dust can cause the shoes to deteriorate.
The shoe retailer actually gives an ideal container for each pair of shoes. Why not use it.
If the shoes are polished after use and stored in the supplied box, they will remain in good condition for many years.
It should be noted that if the shoes are placed in a plastic bag, they produce mildew spots that are almost impossible to remove.
Caring for shoes can extend their life.
Shoe wax oil is better than silicone oil.
Salt can be removed at times, but the results are uncertain.
Smelly shoes and squeaky soles can be treated, but squeaky women\'s shoes may require professional repairs.
The best way to store the shoes is in the box where the shoes are provided.
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