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fraudsters went on £60,000 spending spree using stolen credit cards to buy designer clothes, shoes, handbags and even a wedding

by:Glory Footwear     2020-04-30
A pair of swindlers spent £ 60,000 on stolen credit cards and bought designer clothes, shoes and even a wedding.
Today, Abraham George and olattonde Emmanuel Lawler from Manchester were sentenced because police found that they had funded a way far beyond their capacity with stolen money
The Manchester Royal Court heard that when George\'s home was raided, officials found an unusually large number of designer items with expensive appliances in each room.
He was also captured, using stolen cards to fraudulently purchase alcohol worth more than £ 560 from Waitrose, and his house was full of receipts for fraudulent transactions.
As part of the survey, officials found that George and his wife enjoyed a lavish lifestyle that went well beyond the legal income they recorded at the Tax Office.
The couple\'s wedding at the Davenport Green Hotel in Hale barn, which cost £ 14,000 for the venue alone, was also suspected to have been paid for with stolen money.
The court heard that George and lawwal met at the church and agreed to the fraudulent stolen card plan, and Lawler was paid George 50 for each transaction.
Between May 11-20, 2012 and May 31, the two conducted more than 40 transactions using the stolen Hilton honor credit card issued by Buckley card to the real cardholder.
The warranty card is used to pre-install
Payment card for Paypoint terminal-
These can be loaded with a specific amount of money and used as a debit card that is not directly linked to any account.
They spent a total of 32,950 on this card. mainly at Co-
Op supermarket in West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.
George and Lawal also traded more than £ 25,000 with a stolen Natwest card.
The real cardholder reported that on September 2012, someone visited her online bank, changed her password, and made several unauthorized withdrawals and transactions on her account.
The two acknowledged conspiracy fraud and money laundering at an earlier hearing.
George, 37, on public park Road in Heaton, was sentenced today to 24 months in prison, and Lawler was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years and 200 hours of unpaid work.
Police officer Andrew Boucher said: \"These people must have thought they had dug up gold.
They managed to get the details of the real credit card holder and spend crazy.
George, in particular, used the money to load his house with designer clothes and expensive electrical appliances that he could not pay.
\"George and Lawler caused the victims considerable pain, anxiety and anxiety, their details were stolen and then defrauded the big companies from tens of thousands of pounds.
\"Anyone who becomes a victim of such a crime will know how disturbing it is to have the scammer imitate your identity and use your hard line --
Earn cash to fund their crimes.
So I\'m glad we exposed these scammers.
They are stubborn fraudsters and if we don\'t catch them they will still spend someone else\'s money today, I hope this sends a strong message to others who think they can get away with it and we will prepare the plan for you.
\"Any personal information stolen or card stolen can be reported for fraud by visiting www. actionfraud. police. uk.
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