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how to buy the best running shoes

by:Glory Footwear     2020-05-02
After you stare at the walls of a running shoe for a while, they all start to mix together: fancy colors, questionable gel layers, ridiculous and obscure mythical names.
But at this time of year, we are eager to go out and stretch our legs with the first Spring Festival.
So we got a bunch of runners together.
From the Olympics to the coach to the famous doctor of foot disease.
Because in 2015, even the doctor of foot disease will be famous. —
And ask them for advice on the selection of new shoes.
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Providence, Rhode Island)
\"Over the years, I realized you wanted to put an extra room in your shoes, both wide --and length-wise—
Since I tried a wider shoe size and added half the size, I haven\'t had the usual struggle with plantar fasciitis.
Equally important, the cradle of shoes in your middle
Comfortable feet.
Be careful to test any extreme shoe model: if it is smaller and lighter (
Or more stacking and heavy)
More than you get used to, don\'t run straight from the box with it for a long time.
Favorite shoes: \"My favorite thing all the time is sokony kinevara.
It has padding but lower heel
Toe offset and arch lock so you can do anything on them, from speed workouts to long runs.
I travel with them so I can pack my lighter.
\"Robert Timney, a rheumatism scientist at Parker Nicolai health services, 89 marathon runners (Twin Cities)
\"Don\'t go to the crowded running shop to find shoes on weekends.
When you can find someone who can really help you, go during off-duty hours.
Make sure they have a good return policy and wear it at home for a while.
You want a lightweight, stable, fitted, well-colored, cheap padded shoe. [Laughs. ]Good luck!
\"Favorite shoes:\" I am currently stuck on Asics Gel Kayano.
For a runner who is long and \"heavy\", they have a good buff and seem to have a long time
Long-lasting buff midsole, I can run a long distance while avoiding injury.
Once you know the shoes you want, you may find them online for a cheaper price, although I used to have two left feet in the box.
Fall in Love, lose weight Matt Taylor
Founder and CEO of the companyBoston)
\"I started the process with style.
There are so many ugly running shoes on the market that it shrinks to the least offensive option.
\"Favorite shoes:\" I\'m still looking, to be honest.
I have gone through several stages, though.
The original Adidas Oswego and the original Nike Hurache were incredible.
I joined Sir soconey.
Yes, Sir soconey.
And Asics cloud accumulation for several years.
The first iteration of Puma Faas 500 is a great shoe.
There are still a few pairs in my closet.
I \'d love to try a shoe but can\'t find it-
This is a shoe made by master craftsman Hitoshi Mimura.
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Grand Rapids, Michigan)
\"I think it\'s a good idea to buy multiple types of shoes to rotate.
The front costs more, but the mileage per shoe is still the same.
Some days, especially after a hard workout, I need some extra support.
Favorite shoes: \"I like the Nike Zoom Pegasus.
It\'s always there, it\'s a great standard and neutral shoe, it\'s soft to wear and the transition is great.
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\"The first thing I want to feel when I put on my shoes is whether the arch is naturally comfortable for my arch.
If not, it is likely to cause problems-
Like blistersdown the road.
Or maybe the size is wrong. (
Sizes may vary even within a brand. )
Next, I want to feel like I have comfortable space on my toes, plenty of extra space on the front, and can expand when I stand up at the end of each step.
But I also want to make the shoes feel comfortable in the middle. section.
Test drive now.
Put on the shoes, I will walk slowly and deliberately let each foot experience the same movement as when running: implant the heel and roll forward to the toe.
For support and comfort, I want to make sure the shoes roll the way my feet want.
If so, it\'s sales.
Favorite shoe: \"I don\'t have any loyalty to a certain brand.
I am loyal to my feet and legs.
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Palo Alto, California)
\"Comfort is the first. 1 factor;
Don\'t be too tight, don\'t be too loose.
The heel should be close-fitting and the insole profile should match your foot.
You can superimpose your feet in front of the mirror
Shoes will be too narrow if you see your feet out of the insole.
I love the Nike Pegasus because it\'s a neutral buff.
I have knee arthritis.
Many people mistakenly recommend motion control shoes for knee pain, but more shock absorption is required.
So I often recommend Hoka shoes.
They are great for most types of knee pain, big toe joints and midfootfoot arthritis.
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The following are the first three suitable factors :(a)
Close to the heel ,(b)
The space width of the thumb between your longest toe and the top of the shoe, and (c)
The toe box is comfortable but not tight, so you have a little room for maneuver.
Don\'t fix it if it\'s not bad!
Many people are looking for the right shoes all their lives.
Never let her go once you find her.
I am a huge fan of Adidas.
They are perfect for me and I like the enhanced technology of it.
That\'s what I think!
\"Click on GQ for more information.
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