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how to decorate a small bathroom on a shoestring budget

by:Glory Footwear     2020-04-23
Carol has just bought her first home with a guest bathroom 7 feet long and 5 feet wide.
This is an old home, and her bathtub and sink are better off.
The paint on the walls is old and faded and the white floor tiles are now old gray.
When I opened the door, the first thing I noticed about this bathroom was that it had no windows.
This makes the space feel dark and closed.
The layout of the bathtub, sink and toilet is what I call \"standard layout for builders \".
\"The bathtub is located at the back of the room, against the back wall, and when entering the room, the sink is immediately on the right side, and the toilet is between the bathtub and the sink.
Carol has every reason to want to update this space.
Frankly, this is the opposite of enthusiasm and invitation.
This is monotonous and boring.
Needless to say, because Carol has just spent her life savings on buying a house, there is not much money on the budget to make her eye pain in the bathroom a Escape and quiet place.
She did not know how to complete the task within a limited budget and she asked if I would give her some advice.
This is my advice to Carol.
Suggestion 1: redecorate the bathtub and sink: it sounds expensive, but that\'s not the case.
Carol can pay someone to re-process her tub and sink, or she can do it herself.
Patching your tub is a task that anyone who knows how to draw with a roller can do.
Buy a \"hands-on\" patch kit from your local home and garden center.
It includes a special primer and paint specially made for the bathtub and sink.
I Googled the word \"bathroom patch kit\" and found several online merchants selling the kit.
About $75, she can purchase one of the kits, and before the end of the weekend, Carol can rest assured that there is no indication that her bathtub and sink were built in 1950.
Suggestion 2: change the toilet: the toilet in this bathroom is too old for you to see white porcelain anymore.
All you see when you look at the Bowl is a rusty brown color.
When there are 50 different color rust rings in your toilet, it\'s time to change a new one.
The cost of changing toilets ranges from $100 to several hundred dollars.
Carol should call a professional here.
The toilet must be installed correctly, otherwise it will leak water, water will be damaged due to water leakage, and water damage will result in very expensive repair work.
So, call the pros!
Suggestion 3: Pull up the felt worn and cracked: The floor is the basis of any design scheme.
This is the most important function in the room.
Any room design should start with the floor.
It will set the tone for the whole space.
Since Carol has a small bathroom, she has a choice of several new board materials.
The cheapest way so far is to drop some new felt.
This could be from $50-$75.
Another option is to install decorative tiles on the floor.
This could cost $75-$125.
There is no need for a lot of tiles to cover the bathroom floor, maybe 2-3 boxes.
So she can spend a little bit of money on a high quality tile if she wants.
After all, this is a project Carol will have to live for a long time.
Suggestion 4: painting the bathroom walls: nothing can make the room instantly comfortable
It\'s like a new coat of paint.
This is the smallest room in the House so far, so a gallon of paint for about $20 is enough.
Since this is a small room with no windows, I would recommend staying away from dark colors.
The dark color will make the space feel smaller than it is now.
Choose light paint.
The bright colors tend to illuminate a space and evoke the feeling of joy, calm and charming.
The light color can relax the body and can also be used to relieve stress.
Recommendation 5: create the illusion of having a window: Carol can \"cheat\" her eyes with a mirror and convince her that there is a window in the bathroom.
Stand at the door of the bathroom and imagine where you will install the windows if you have a chance. 1)Install a non-
But the decorative mirror of that place.
It is important that the mirror is your basic mirror without any type of frame.
The mirror of a frame looks like a mirror, you are huge in a bad spot on the wall. 2)
Now, install a curtain rod on the mirror, just like on the window. 3)
Hang up the curtains and include them in the suit.
Valance is a short curtain hanging between two side panels.
When the curtain is opened, it is used to hide the curtain rod.
These curtains cover the top and sides of the mirror. 4)Use the \"tie-
The \"back\" is your curtain suit that pulls back both sides of the curtain.
If your curtains are not tied back, they will be sold separately.
Be sure to buy some matching curtains. 5)
Installation of window planting boxes (
Found in the local garden center)
To hide the bottom, go through the bottom of the mirror.
The planter box should completely cover the bottom of the mirror.
Because of this, it is very important that the planter box is a little longer than the mirror, so that you can connect the planter box to the bathroom wall.
Fix the planter to the wall with two screws.
If you don\'t have a \"nail\" that screws need to go on your wall, you have to use the \"anchor \".
\"If you don\'t know, ask your local hardware salesman what these are.
No worries, the anchor installation is very easy and fast.
Special tools are not required. 6)
Plant all kinds of beautiful silk flowers in the box.
You can find them on the craft Island of the local home and garden center or craft store. Shop around.
You may find a silk floral arrangement in the planter box that suits your \"window.
\"I don\'t recommend growing live plants.
Most people turn off the lights when the bathroom is not in use, and in order to solve the problem that you will eventually lack light, you will get a planter box full of dead plants.
Suggestion 6: match: this is where the fun begins.
Since Carol has a small bathroom, all she needs to do is combine the design with some accessories. a)
Go to your local bed and bathroom store to buy the most beautiful shower curtain you can find.
Pay no attention to price and quality.
This is a very important factor.
In addition to the floor, this is the most conspicuous item your guests will see.
Everything is on the shower curtain.
If it\'s more expensive than your budget, save money elsewhere.
Keep in mind that quality does not mean loud or gorgeous.
The shower curtain can be very simple in style.
Quality means it will still look fresh from now on after multiple showers. b)
This is a designer secret that I have not shared with many people.
Normally I would buy a regular curtain without the label \"shower curtain.
\"I\'m talking about the curtains that might be hanging in the bedroom.
I bought a grommet kit from Walmart
Hang a high quality, heavy duty plastic shower curtain lining on the shower hook, then I add the curtain to the same hook. Wal-
Mart sells heavy shower curtain liners of several different colors.
Buy a curtain that blends well with the main shade of the curtain. c)
Add a co-ordinated area carpet to the floor center. d)
Each bathroom has a pleasant aroma.
Buy a candle lantern that blends well with your design and add a scented candle to it. e)
Put the candle lantern on the back of the toilet.
Be sure to light the candles before the guests arrive so your bathroom is full of wonderful aromas.
For safety reasons, when buying a candle lantern, be sure to buy the style that completely surrounds the candle.
You never want the fire to be left unattended.
Visit the candle lantern shop.
They sell more than 200 different styles of lanterns and are safe for the bathroom. f)
Add a few smaller attachments to the back of commode to finish the look.
Keep it simple and don\'t add anything that will fall off or cause danger when using the toilet. g)
If there is space around your sink, add a coordinated liquid soap dispenser and a tissue box.
Buy decorative towel rings and install them on the wall where the sink is located.
Hang a coordinated hand towel for guests to use after washing their hands. h)
Install an extra towel Rod rack on the largest wall.
Hang 2 coordination towels and 2 hand towels.
Put the big towel on the bar first, then put a towel on it and layered the towel. i)
Now, stand at the door of the bathroom and see what you have achieved.
Look for any defects in your design.
Are you adding a lot of accessories or not enough?
Ask yourself how well your colors are mixed.
Are you using one color too much or not enough?
Wow in your bathroom!
What do you want?
As you can see, it\'s not hard to turn an outdated little bathroom into a peaceful place.
However, this does require a little preparation.
Planning and efforts of homeowners.
So, don\'t complain about how outdated your bathroom is.
Roll up your sleeves and fix the flaws.
If you start from Friday, you should finish by Sunday.
Good luck and have a good time in the process.
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