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how to get better grip from basketball shoes

by:Glory Footwear     2020-04-28
Basketball players need shoes with good grip and traction to manipulate the quick turns and direction changes that occur during the game.
The interior surface of the game can easily become smooth and dangerous.
The bottom of the shoe may be covered with a thin layer of dust or dirt, which will cause the shoe to slide towards the floor.
Keeping the surface clean and using technology to provide more grip can help players to move safely and better on the pitch.
Always clean the bottom of the basketball shoes with a damp cloth.
Basketball shoes for indoor games must not be worn outdoors.
Even if they are only worn inside, they can easily attract loose dust and dirt.
Clean the basketball court regularly with a dust mop to reduce dirt and dust.
Try a shoe grip booster, such as a sticky pad or a grip lotion, designed to increase a small amount of stickiness on the bottom of the shoe.
Before the player enters the stadium, the sticky mat will be stepped on.
Pour the handle lotion on the towel that the player has stepped on.
You can also spray hairspray on the bottom of your shoes to help them stick better to the floor.
Wet the bottom of the shoes when they start to get smooth.
Some players lick their hands or wipe their hands with sweat to the bottom of their shoes.
Using wet cloth on the field will have the same effect.
When the sole begins to wear out, replace the shoe.
Basketball shoes are designed to have enough traction, but the tread begins to wear over time.
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