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how to keep your dress shoes looking as good as the day you bought them

by:Glory Footwear     2020-04-23
People don\'t wipe their shoes anymore.
Most places where shoes are wiped must accept casual shoes as office clothes.
Forget the casual Friday!
Now people wear casual shoes to work every day.
Of course, people use leather conditioner on leather shoes to wipe their street shoes.
They even put some sneakers on the sneakers.
For the truly shiny poles, however, these spaces are limited to weddings and funerals.
When the day comes when you need to wipe your shoes, you will be happy if you are ready for the shoe shine kit.
You can buy these already assembled but this is not a particularly good option.
The items you need in your shoe wipe kit are special for your own shoe collection and polishing needs.
You will need different polishing which may not appear in the pre-fabricated kit.
You may want Liquid shoe oil or paste shoe oil, or you may even want both.
You need different colors to match each pair of shoes you have that can shine.
If you are using paste nail polish, you need a horse hair applicator and you need a horse hair brush anyway.
The cloth must be made.
Clean shoes and prepare for shoe oil.
You might want to put a lot of water on your shoes and make them very clean.
Remember, you can clean them up without so much moisture.
They must be completely dry before you proceed.
At this point, nail polish sticks to the shoes.
Use the applicator attached to liquid polish to apply polish to the upper or top of the shoe.
Since the heel and toe are the easiest to wear and scratch, they need the most attention.
When the shoes look completely covered, put them aside so they can dry.
Shoe oil will dry quickly and you will take the next step.
The next step is to use a horse hair brush on the entire upper surface of both shoes.
This will remove the uneven surface of the shoe oil and provide a moderate gloss.
You can buff and buff with a horse brush and your shoes will look beautiful, but they will never have the glitter you want.
To get a super shiny glow, you need to use your polishing cloth. Cut a t-
Wear your clothes in strips, or wear only old socks.
Grab the polishing cloth at the end and place the middle of the cloth on the shoe or heel.
Run the cloth back and forth in that place until it sparkles.
Then proceed to the rest of the shoe.
Shiny shoes are not necessarily a lost art.
You can easily learn to use liquid polish.
Also, with a little direction, you can also learn to use paste polish for a long lasting protective gloss.
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