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how to put grip on worn out basketball shoes

by:Glory Footwear     2020-04-28
You have several options to improve your wear grip
Out buy basketball shoes
The first is to solve the shoe problem by the maintenance service specializing in sports shoes.
Often, shoe services include patching and re-patching.
Sew the upper as part of the service.
Another option is to restore the sole in a way that reduces slipping and improves grip.
If you don\'t use basketball shoes every day, restoring the sole can be a cost
Effective Solution
Mix the solution of fresh water and liquid soap in one-
A gallon plastic bucket
Clean the rubber sole and rubber side of the sole using a hard brush and soap solution.
Thoroughly scrub the rubber surface to ensure dirt and any debris are removed from the sole groove and from the groove of the textured tread.
Dip the brush hair into the soapy water.
Thoroughly scrub the sole and sides of the shoe with a wire bristles to open the surface pores of the rubber.
Rinse the sole and sides of the sole with clear water.
Dry the sole and sides with a paper towel.
Wear latex gloves
Apply a lot of sneakers on a clean rag color recovery.
Cover the sole and sides of the shoe thoroughly with a color recovery device.
If necessary, coat the rag with more color recovery when you go.
Place the shoes on the table or floor with the sole facing up.
Let the color recovery fully activate until the sole and sides of the shoe are clearly brightened.
Put on shoes and test grip on hardwood floors or other smooth floors.
Maybe it is possible to grab the sole more by brushing the second scrub with a wet line, and then apply the color recovery device.
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