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how to size and cut shoe insoles

by:Glory Footwear     2020-05-08
I bought a new pair of work shoes today.
I talked to the salesman about the insole as I always buy a pair of working gel insoles for my work shoes.
Well, he tipped me (life hack? )
About how to cut the insoles and make them fit for the first time.
I \'ve never heard of this method in my 50 years of life, so I put it there as a manual so others can use it as well.
I want to thank David from the shoe department.
Anke information at the intersection!
You need a pair of shoes with the original insole still in place and a new one.
And you need a share. ®Or other marker pens and scissors.
Next, you need to remove the original insole from the shoe.
If you stick the original insole in the right place, you can\'t use this method.
Go to this structure.
Put the original insole on top of the new insole.
Line the back of the heel and arch as much as you can.
They look a little uncomfortable in my photo.
That\'s because I was taking pictures and didn\'t get the original insole in place.
When the original insole is aligned with the new insole (
Instead of taking pictures)
Used sharp. ®Or other markers follow the toe part of the original insole.
This will be your bottom line.
Now, cut your new insole inside the line you just drew.
This may not hurt you if you just cut it online, but due to the thickness of the tip of the pen, the line is slightly above the edge of the original insole.
Put the new insole in the shoe.
Not only will it slide in;
You still need to put your hand in and smooth it out, but it should be perfect.
Well, at least better than not using this method.
Enjoy a new comfortable walking experience.
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