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new shoes may see turf records tumble

by:Glory Footwear     2020-04-29
After Australian scientists have released World horse racing records, horse racing records around the world may be broken
First of all, this amazing new shoe will reduce the weight of the average footwear for horse racing. Standard cast-
Aluminum horse shoes weigh about 1 kg each.
But CSIRO\'s boffins are 3D printed titanium sets and should weigh 50 cents less than that.
If new shoes are widely used,
So far, the Australian horse racing industry seems enthusiastic --
Experts predict lightning
Run fast along the track like superRocket.
\"Naturally, we are very excited about the improvement of the performance of these shoes,\" said top coach John Maloney ,\". This is the first person in the world to install jazz 3D printed shoes.
John Barnes, a titanium expert at CSIRO, told AAP: \"It\'s a lot like a bike race for me --
Speed eventually boils down to grams.
Such a hope, a fouryear-
Recently won second place at Old Bay Hotel in Cranbourne, Victoria
The pink shoes fit a few weeks ago.
This process involves experts from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization scanning the hoof of each animal and then printing its shoes in 3D to make it meet the exact specifications.
It only takes a few hours to print these shoes.
Compared to standard aluminum castings, it provides another key advantage.
They spent about $600.
3d printing is nothing new, but products that can be manufactured by this technology are developing rapidly.
Australian scientists are also working on ways to replace human parts with 3D printing.
Its use in sports is just beginning to explore, and there are obvious uses in cycling, racing and sailing.
For this year\'s spring carnival, including the Caulfield and Melbourne Cup, CSIRO\'s new horse shoes came too early.
But Mr Barnes thinks the shoe can be put into wider production in a few months.
So far, the local racing industry seems to have a positive attitude towards development, although it is not clear whether the regulation needs to be changed --
Footwear can be accommodated at most.
Campbell Marty, president of the Australian farmers and Blacksmiths Association, said the cost of making titanium could be one of the main obstacles to limiting the market.
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