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nike vs. adidas - the definitive guide to tennis shoes

by:Glory Footwear     2020-04-28
In the past 60 years, the battle for top tennis shoes has been fought between two industrial giants, Nike and Adidas.
Some people think Nike tennis shoes are the best, others think Adidas is the future of tennis shoes.
The purpose of this center is not to satisfy you with any brand, but to help you decide which shoes are better for yourself.
Thetraits, it will be easier to consider it in order to make a decision: ââââa styâaa comfort and âââa durâbios-
Adolfo Dassler founded Adidas in 1924 (1900-1959)
At the age of 20, the first pair of shoes with nails were invented.
This innovation, known today as splints, soon became world-renowned for its impressive traction and durability.
Before his death in 1959, Adidas had more than 700 patents on new sportswear and shoes, and until recently, Adidas remained in the first place, with Nike in the first place. Bios -
Nike is currently a leading supplier of all shoes and apparel, founded in 1964, called BlueRibbon Sports.
Eventually changed toNike in 1974, and the reason for Nike\'s huge success in the shoe industry was its original design and sole.
In 1974, the company produced the first innovative original design called Waffle Trainer, and soon after that, the company set off a storm in the clothing industry. Nike -
Nike is a sporting goods giant, with everything from shirts, shorts to watches and heavy objects.
Due to the monopoly on the sports industry, Nike provides enough space for itself to expand its design.
The common features of Nike shoes related to design are: flash treasure has always been recognized by professionals and constantly upgrading technology, such as the last line of Nike shoes (
Nadal air series)
, Small spots with strong contrast color, breathability and lunarlite technology (
Will be explained in the comfort section).
The next part, comfort, is one of the more competitive areas of Adidas.
But don\'t believe me, judge by yourself.
Nike claims their toe parts are stronger in order to get better stability and traction on the pitch.
As the owner of a pair of Courtballistec Nike shoes, I can guarantee this stiffness.
Nevertheless, the small dots that cover the outside of the shoe do allow for greater movement and flexibility.
Another factor that affects the comfort of Nike\'s new line is lunarlite technology.
This addition to the shoe, a lighter, more lively foam, can add a larger spring on the steps, but also can produce a greater impact when stepping down.
In addition to these two features, Nike shoes interior is more comfortable than Adidas. With slipper-
Similar to the beginning of the shoe, the foot feels much less and the overall is more comfortable.
The last feature of Nike shoes is the endurance race.
This seems to be the only area that Nike lacks.
As a competitive tennis player, every 2-
3 weeks I found Nike shoes can last up to 2 weeks.
This is partly because they are light and also because there is very little rubber in the ball area used to support the feet.
Also, Nike laces are actually very strong in terms of laces.
Because I prefer my shoes to be firmly tied and tight, I often wear my shoelaces.
Since Nike\'s laces are strong, I often find myself replacing all my broken laces with Nike ropes.
Overall rating: 7/10 Adidas-
In the history of the Adidas tennis shoe series, the timeless theme I noticed was \"don\'t fix it if it\'s not broken \".
\"As you can see, according to the picture on the right, the same design has been going on for 5 different series of Adidas shoes.
Endurance: Still, I \'ve been on my way back to Adidas tennis shoes for only one reason during my tennis career: durability.
As I mentioned before, I often wear tennis shoes because I often play tennis.
In my experience, play close to 1-
2 hours a day (
Including Sprint, slide, stop)
I found that Adidas tennis shoes can last at least 2 weeks. (
The shoes last two for the longest time. 5 weeks. )
As mentioned above, design is not a huge factor in Adidas.
Basically, keeping the same design for the last 4 Street shoes makes it easy to understand why Nike has all the colors and talents and is a more attractive shoe.
The important thing about the barricades, however, is that movement is an extreme emphasis.
From the lens at the bottom of the shoe, it is easy to see the circular pattern of the toe ball point.
While this doesn\'t seem to matter to any entertainment player, all competing players know that this contributes a lot to the player\'s ability to turn and push in any direction.
Nothing has been found in Nike\'s design, one of the few unique and positive design features.
The last class, comfortable, is often the medium strength of the shoes.
Not like slippers though-
Like the feel of Nike tennis shoes, Adidas\'s sole fits the shape of the foot very quickly and does not put too much pressure on the toe.
One factor that must be noted is the weight of the roadblock line.
The reason why these shoes can last so long is that there is extra rubber on the shoes.
Because of this, Adidas often gives users a heavy feeling, but through practice, this feeling disappears.
Overall score: 7.
How did Adidas win?
The reason I think Adidas is a better shoe is because, from a competitive player\'s point of view, bold colors and new shoe technology are great, but they won\'t win the game.
When I want to buy shoes, I highlight two things in particular: endurance and traction.
Due to the weight of the barricades, I can easily move around the court.
While some may argue that this makes sports better because Nike is lighter, I find that once the shoes are worn out (
This often happens)
, I swiped on the pitch and couldn\'t control the precious time needed for the next shot.
Price factor: The last reason Adidas wins is that Nike shoes are usually much more expensive.
What do you think?
Do you think Nike is better or Adidas is better?
Comment, evaluate or follow up and let me know what your opinion is!
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