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patents; using sensors, microchips and air pillows to make shoes, chairs and beds more comfortable.

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Techniques to perceive the shape of the body can be used to make people wear, sit or sleep in more comfortable places by inflating air pillows that fit the contours of the body.
The New York-based American company of Bioengineering has obtained a patent called \"intelligent surface technology.
\"It is designed to improve the fit and resistance of the shoes and to prevent bed sore and discomfort of the driver, office staff and people in wheelchairs in the inpatient.
Chris Mallios, the company\'s chief financial officer, said: \"The technology senses the body by using sensors and what it takes to adjust the product ---
Whether it\'s a seat, sneakers or a bed-
To the most comfortable location.
\"The microprocessor embedded next to the air pillow and sensor is programmed by a typical comfortable model developed by the company.
The chip evaluates data such as weight distribution and pressure by comparing real data
Time information of the model.
It then signals the airbag to inflate or deflate as needed.
The air flow rate using the pump is automatic;
The user only needs to activate the system.
\"We have developed a scoring system . \"
Mallios said, \"the chip for all commands is programmed by us to recognize the various patterns of the body and then act on that recognition.
\"When the system reads a body, it assigns a level,\" he said . \".
\"If the most comfortable position in the seat is \'5\' and it says the body is currently in \'2\', it asks, what do I have to do in order to get into that 5?
\"This adjustment can also be continuous to explain why someone is moving in his seat or turning over in bed.
\"It doesn\'t use memory because it\'s constantly adjusting . \"Mallios said.
\"It changes as the body needs a different position.
Or if another person is sitting in a car seat, it will adapt to that person.
He said that the technology has been licensed to Reebok International Co. , Ltd.
McCord Winn, a subsidiary of Textron for sports shoes and manufacturing car seats, wheelchairs and beds.
Its patent is 5,283,735.
Baby inflatable seats and baby cots are also behind the baby\'s two new designs --
Supply companies in Brooklyn
No chip technology in these products. -
Just hope that they can provide a little buffer for the lives of infants and toddlers, and make child care more convenient. Babystar Inc.
Last month, the patent for inflatable child car seats and inflatable baby cots was obtained.
Both are lightweight portable alternatives for traditional versions.
The car seat, which meets the Department of Transport\'s child safety seat standard, costs about $99, the company said.
Like other toddler seats, it has an internal metal frame.
But the buff comes from reinforced vinyl envelopes.
\"You put it in the car to deflate and secure the metal frame with a seat belt,\" said Martin Chopp, president of Babystar . \".
The ad \"it carries a pump\", he said \".
\"You plug the pump into the car cigarette lighter and it blows the seat up.
He said: \"The weight of this chair is about 5 pounds, lighter than other plastic and metal versions, and the side plates are also very high.
\"Other car seats can\'t have these because if the panels are made of hard plastic or metal, then you can\'t get the child into the seat,\" he said . \".
\"With the air cushion, you just push the side plate down and have the child sit in the seat.
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In an accident, the seat was safe because, during the impact, a child threw it forward and then threw it back, landing on the air cushion, says Jop.
Air absorbs \"air absorbs and distracts energy,\" he said \".
\"So the air will absorb the blow once an accident occurs.
\"If flying glass or metal punctured the seat, the accident will end before all air escapes from the mat,\" he said, with the seat belt attached to the metal frame, this will put a child in place like any other car seat.
\"How about the kids poking and poking the mat?
He said: \"If a child is playing with a thin and sharp pin, you will be in big trouble . \"
\"But in the case of normal use, exposed to things like toys, it won\'t puncture.
\"The company\'s inflatable crib is made of the same material and also comes with a pump.
There is a charging pipe in every corner of the crib, forming a support column instead of a metal frame.
The sides are made of inflatable panels.
Columns and side plates by one-
So the crib can be inflated at a time, but can only be deflated through segments.
\"Our concept is that when people go out, they care about two things in a portable crib ---
Weight and size . \"Chopp said.
\"We weigh about eight or 9 pounds.
He said: \"The car seat is designed for children aged 9 months to 3 years and weighs between 20 and 40 pounds kilograms.
Received patent 5,292,175-6. Mr.
He said he had no idea when the crib would go public.
It was patented No. 5,291,623.
Another device is designed to eliminate night breathing, rumbling and growling.
Snopper snorers recommend doing this by tapping the oral muscles that may cause snoring. Dr. Manuel L.
Karell, a doctor in San Francisco, filed a patent for the battery.
The power plastic dental board can be worn on the teeth, and the electrode is just below the soft jaw at the top of the mouth.
Unlike the hard jaw behind the teeth, the soft jaw is maintained by muscles.
These muscles can relax during sleep, resulting in relaxation of the soft jaw.
The air vibrates the taste and makes the sound of snoring. With Dr.
Karell\'s device, a drooping soft taste touches the electrodes and starts to suck low
Voltage vibration.
This charge should not wake people who snore, but instead force the wayward soft taste to return to normal.
\"When you use Snopper, it causes muscle contractions, thus pulling back the soft jaw,\" Dr. Karell said.
He said his invention used the same type of electrical stimulation found in nerve and muscle therapy.
\"You only feel a tiny vibration, not a vibration,\" he said . \"
So far, however, he has only tested himself.
On the first prototype, the wire came out of his mouth and the electrode was placed too close to his filler, causing an uncomfortable impact. Now Dr.
Karell is working on a mini-battery, sensor and on-
The off switch in the implanted plate.
He got a patent no. 5,284,161.
A version of this article was printed on page D00002 of the National edition on April 11, 1994, with the title: Patent;
Make shoes, chairs and beds more comfortable with sensors, microchips and air pillows.
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