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ralph northam addresses moonwalk, shoe polish questions in interview with cbs

by:Glory Footwear     2020-05-06
Virginia government in troubleRalph Northam (D)
On Monday, in a national television interview, he asked for forgiveness because he admitted that he was wearing a black face when he was 25 --year-
The old man who participated in the dance competition.
Northen said: \"The person you are looking at and talking about is not the person in my early 20 s . \" He cited his background as an Army doctor and a pediatric neurologist.
\"I learned it.
I admit my mistake.
I will improve my life, do better and be in a position where I can help others.
\"Since the racist photos on the 1984 medical school yearbook page were exposed, and he admitted that he had turned black when he participated in the dance competition in the same year, causing a stir, nosen told CBS This Morning\'s Gail King that he has been fighting his white privilege.
\"I didn\'t really realize the powerful meaning of this,\" said Northam . \".
\"Again, talk to many friends who are very clear to me this week.
I also understand why the use of black faces is so offensive. Yes, I know it in the past.
But reality has begun.
The interview was conducted after Northam\'s first post.
The scandal interview with The Washington Post came nearly a week after the governor shut down.
Northam faces demands from Democrats to resign at home and in Washington, DC. C.
And the propaganda group that supported his 2017 election, and about half of Virginia people, according to a post-
Schools vote.
But the governor insists he will remain in office and spend the rest of his term on racial equality in the southern states.
The trip to reconciliation suffered setbacks in the face of the impact of the weekend broadcast CBS interview excerpt, in which he mentioned that the first Africans arriving in Virginia in 1619 were \"covenant servants \".
Some critics think his comments are whitewashing the history of slavery, but history is complicated.
The terminology used to describe the first Africans to reach the coast of Virginia has been a subject of debate, as they may have taken the path of freedom before the formal slave law.
Museums and government committees often refer to 1619 of visitors as \"the first Africans\" coming to Virginia.
However, it is widely believed that these Africans were captured and taken away from their homes in Angola, and they were transported and forced to work in slave ships.
\"At the most recent event in menroburg, I talked about the arrival of the first Africans in Virginia and mentioned in my comments that they were enslaved, northam explained his comments in a statement Monday morning.
\"I was told by a historian that the use of the deed was historically more accurate --
In fact, I am still learning and am committed to doing it well.
\"Virginia\'s political leadership has been embroiled in a controversy this month, with scandals surrounding the highest elected officials. t. Gov.
Justin Felix. D)
If nosen resigns, he will become governor and he is under pressure to resign after two sexual assault charges.
He said that the meeting on 2000 and 2004 was a consensus between the two sides, and the attempt to launch the impeachment process on Monday morning failed.
Justice Minister Mark Hurin (D)
Admitted that when he was dressed up as a rapper and Senate Majority Leader Tommy norming, he was wearing a black face from college students (R-James City)
He was admitted to be the editor of the 1968 mirror, which included photographs of racial slander and black face.
Few people asked for resignation.
The controversy involving both ferfax and Herin eased some of the pressure on Northen.
In an interview on Monday, Kim pressed Northen about the black face incident and his constant explanation of the two photos, one wearing a black face and the other wearing a KKK robe on his medical school yearbook page
After initially taking responsibility for the photo, Northam insisted the next day that he did not appear in the photo and said that he did not know how the photo appeared on his yearbook page.
The king asked Northen if he had the unique plaid pants worn by black-faced people in the yearbook photo.
\"I never had such pants,\" said Northam . \".
She asked him if he was going to walk on the moon.
Looks like he\'s-
When he was asked at a national television news conference if there were any dance moves that helped him win the 1984 m race, his face darkened and performed as Michael Jackson.
\"No, because I didn\'t have it when I was 59, but I\'ll tell you again, I\'m sorry.
This is a serious moment . \"
How does Northam know it\'s hard to remove shoe oil
Like he said at the press conference.
Unless he performed in the black face before?
\"People need to know that I went to the military school, the military academy, for four years.
I wipe my shoes almost every day . \"
\"Shoe oil goes through the cloth.
It\'s on your finger. or my finger.
It\'s hard to remove it. So that —
That\'s why I know shoe oil is hard to remove.
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