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the best running shoes for heel support

by:Glory Footwear     2020-05-11
When you run regularly, your heel is hit, and if there is no heel protection, the risk of the runner developing plantar fasciitis increases.
The plantar fascia is a wide muscle band along the soles of the feet.
It is usually damaged by poor foot position during running or wearing the wrong type of running shoes.
Runners with heel problems can benefit from shoes with heel cups or heel pads or corrective insoles.
The best running shoes supported by the heel will be rigid and only the toe is bent.
The shoes should have an inflexible solid heel cup.
Test the shoe by holding the toe and heel and bending it.
If the shoe is bent in the middle, it will not be able to properly support your heel.
The shoe needs to provide stability between the heel and the foot, otherwise the heel pain may spread from the heel to the arch.
Also, when running shoes are over worn on high heels and soles, please replace them.
With the help of the staff with foot biomechanics expertise, choose different shoes in the store.
Most of the top brands have running shoes with heel support, including New Balance, ASICS, Brooks Pure and Nike.
Alternatively, choose a corrected heel cup made of silicone or leather and you can insert it into your favorite running shoes.
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