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\'The best sleep in the sky!\' Company behind the \'world\'s most comfortable running shoes\' launches luxury EYE MASK made from \'sensationally soft\' merino wool

by:Glory Footwear     2020-04-29
Footwear giant all birdshave teamed up with Air New Zealand to create
Flight attachment, which will rejuvenate you before reaching your destination.
The result of the prolific collaboration is the \"bird mask\", a luxurious travel eye mask that can help you sleep better and prepare for action.
Pajamas are called \"the most comfortable eye mask in the world\" and are made up of sustainable ZQ-
Certified merino wool and castor oilbased foam.
Throughout October, this bird mask will be exclusively available in Air New Zealand\'s business premium cabin, which is located on selected North American routes.
The partnership, known for its revolutionary sneakers, marks the first time all birds have set foot in the world of luxury pajamas.
The streamlined design of the mask allows natural eye movements during wearing, while the quirky bird mouth completely blocks the quiet and dark light.
Tim Brown, founder of All birds, said they were \"eager to try\" to work with national airlines because both brands share a shared commitment to thoughtful design and customer experience.
Air New Zealand Chief Marketing Officer Mike Todd agrees that there is a \"nature alliance\" between the airline and all birds \".
\"Like Air New Zealand, birds of birds weigh more than it does and are known as vandals in the footwear industry.
Both brands are known for their comfort-by focusing, we create a product that our customers really value and redesign
Used repeatedly.
We are proud to provide the best sky sleep for our customers. \'New Zealand-
Based on the fact that all birds are no stranger to the success of the cult, their sneakers are recognized by Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, barack Obama and Emma Watson compare them to \"the slippers and gym I wear \".
Since the idea of footwear came to mind during the Newcastle Jet race, all birds founder Tim Brown has sold more than 1 million pairs, his product is described as \"the most comfortable shoe in the world \".
The secret of shoe comfort is the eucalyptus extract used in the manufacturing process.
\"We have used 3D knitting technology to get eucalyptus fiber and its cooling properties, which is perfect for sweaty feet and create a running shoe,\" Brown told Green Simple . \".
\"Eucalyptus has incredible hands --
Feel and softness are also a natural cooling performance that makes it the perfect solution. \'
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