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veterinary graduation students polish shoes in protest | nagpur news - times of india

by:Glory Footwear     2020-05-06
NAGPUR: On Saturday, the graduate and post-graduate students of the Government Veterinary College held a unique protest against the state government\'s decision to upgrade more than 120 diploma holders livestock supervisors to livestock development officials (LDOS)
This is a first grade post.
The college is affiliated with the MAFSU, where hundreds of students come out early in the morning with shoe oil materials and start protesting in front of the gate.
They began to wipe leather shoes for passers-by with aprons and uniforms.
Those who did not wipe their shoes put forward the slogan of opposition to the government.
Prasad Kapane, a third-year student of the veterinary degree program, told TOI that if the government continues to make a decision, graduates and registered veterinarians will be out of work and must start shoe oil work.
We have raised our voices since the state government issued the order on March 8.
If the diploma holder is promoted to an officer, it will have a devastating impact on livestock and farmers, he said.
State President Dr. Tejas Wankhade-
The Union of veterinary students said the uproar would continue until the state government withdrew the decision.
We have been on strike for two days earlier this week. MAFSU vice-
The prime minister assured us that this issue will be raised at the ministerial level.
So the strike was canceled.
But the protests will continue.
Today\'s shoe-oil riots are part of the protest, he said.
The students have informed the city police that they intend to proceed with road protests starting next week, Wankhede said.
Sources from the government\'s animal husbandry department said they would not cancel the promotional orders that have been issued.
After the election, the government may consider not announcing more such promotions, but the current order will continue.
These veterinary supervisors are experienced.
The source said their promotion was based on their skills, not just on qualifications.
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